How Do Non-Profit Organizations Make Money from Apps?

by Emma Johnes Marketing Head

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Non-profit organizations (NPOs) are entities that operate for the benefit of the community, rather than to generate profits. While their primary goal is not to make money, NPOs still need to generate revenue to support their operations and continue to serve their communities. With the rise of mobile technology, NPOs have been able to leverage mobile apps to reach donors, raise awareness for their causes, and generate revenue. In this article, we will explore the different ways NPOs can make money from apps and how they can make the most of this technology to support their missions.

Understanding the Revenue Streams of Non-Profit Organizations

Before we dive into how NPOs can make money from apps, it's important to understand the different revenue streams available to them. NPOs typically rely on donations, grants, and sponsorships to fund their operations. Donations are typically made by individual donors, while grants and sponsorships are provided by foundations, corporations, or governments. NPOs may also generate revenue by selling products or services, such as merchandise or event tickets.

While NPOs don't operate to generate profits, they still need to generate revenue to cover their expenses and continue to provide valuable services to their communities. Mobile apps can provide a new revenue stream for NPOs, while also helping them connect with donors, raise awareness for their causes, and streamline their operations.

The Benefits of Creating an App for Non-Profit Organizations

Creating a mobile app can provide several benefits to NPOs. First, it can help them connect with donors and supporters. By providing a convenient way for donors to make donations, sign up for events, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and initiatives, NPOs can build stronger relationships with their supporters and foster a sense of community.

Second, mobile apps can help NPOs raise awareness for their causes. By providing a platform for sharing stories, photos, and videos, NPOs can engage supporters and raise awareness for their mission. Apps can also help NPOs reach new audiences by making it easier to share content on social media and other platforms.

Finally, mobile apps can help NPOs streamline their operations and reduce costs. By providing a central platform for managing donations, events, and volunteer activities, NPOs can save time and resources. Apps can also help NPOs automate certain tasks, such as sending thank-you emails to donors or tracking volunteer hours.

Examples of Successful Non-Profit Apps

Several non-profit organizations have already found success with mobile apps. For example, the American Red Cross developed an app that allows users to donate blood, track their donations, and schedule appointments. The app also provides information on blood drives and emergencies, making it a valuable tool for supporters and donors.

Another example is Charity Miles, an app that allows users to earn money for their favorite non-profit organizations by walking, running, or cycling. The app partners with corporate sponsors who donate money for every mile logged by users, providing a unique way for NPOs to generate revenue.

Finally, the World Wildlife Fund developed an app that allows users to adopt a virtual animal and track its progress in the wild. The app provides updates on the animal's habitat, behavior, and conservation status, while also allowing users to make donations to support WWF's conservation efforts.

How Non-Profit Organizations Can Monetize Their Apps

There are several ways that NPOs can monetize their mobile apps. One common method is through in-app purchases or White Label App . NPOs can offer products or services, such as merchandise or event tickets, through their apps. They can also offer premium features, such as exclusive content or early access to events, for a fee.

Another method is through targeted advertising. NPOs can partner with companies that share their values and mission to display targeted ads to users. For example, an environmental non-profit organization could partner with a sustainable fashion brand to display ads for eco-friendly clothing.

NPOs can also generate revenue through sponsorships. They can partner with companies or foundations that share their mission to sponsor events, programs, or initiatives. In exchange for their sponsorship, the company or foundation can receive recognition and exposure through the app.

Finally, NPOs can leverage their mobile apps to boost their fundraising efforts. They can use their apps to promote fundraising campaigns, such as crowdfunding or peer-to-peer fundraising. They can also use their apps to provide easy ways for donors to make donations, such as through mobile payment platforms.

Strategies for Promoting Non-Profit Apps

Once an NPO has developed its mobile app, it's important to promote it effectively to reach its target audience. One effective strategy is to leverage social media. NPOs can use their social media platforms to share updates and news about the app, as well as to promote its features and benefits.

Another strategy is to partner with influencers or ambassadors. NPOs can identify individuals who are passionate about their cause and have a strong following on social media. These individuals can promote the app to their followers, helping to increase its visibility and reach.

NPOs can also promote their apps through email marketing. They can send newsletters or updates to their email list, highlighting the app's features and benefits. They can also use email marketing to promote fundraising campaigns or events.

Finally, NPOs can leverage their website to promote their app. They can create a landing page for the app, providing information on its features and benefits. They can also use their website to drive traffic to the app store, where users can download the app.

Best Practices for Creating a Successful Non-Profit App

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