How Do End of Lease Cleaning Services Work?

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When you have to move out of a leased property, it can be challenging to ensure that your home is cleaned thoroughly. While some people opt for DIY cleaning, professional end of lease cleaning Brisbane end of lease cleaners can save you time, energy and money. This is because they offer specialized services that are designed specifically for this situation. If you’re thinking about hiring an end of lease cleaner in Queensland but aren’t sure how things work exactly, then read on!

end of lease cleaning Brisbane

Book your appointment

Once you have a cleaning company in mind, you can book your appointment. Make sure to give them all the details they need to ensure that your end of lease cleaning is done correctly. For example, if your lease agreement includes an inspection clause for the property’s condition at the end of tenancy, make sure to let them know about this before they begin their work so that they can be prepared and avoid any issues later on. Additionally, it may be worth getting an estimate of how much it will cost for you to clean out your own personal belongings as well (if there are items that need removing), so that there are no surprises when it comes time for payment at checkout!

Get a quote

You can get a quote by calling or emailing us. You’ll need to provide us with the following information:

  • What type of property you are moving from (house, apartment, etc.)
  • When you need the cleaning to be completed by (date and time)
  • How many rooms will be cleaned (1–5)
  • What areas of the property will be cleaned (kitchen, bathroom, etc.)

Once we have this information in hand, we’ll send over an offer for your Lease Cleaning services within 24 hours. If you’re not satisfied with our quote and don’t want us to do your end of lease clean up job after all — no problem! We’ll refund any money that’s been spent on booking costs or deposit fees up front.

Schedule a visit

  • Schedule a visit. While there are many cleaning companies that offer end of lease cleaning services, it’s best to schedule your appointment at least a week in advance. This allows you time to clean up beforehand, and gives the cleaners enough time to arrive on your scheduled day.
  • Make sure someone is available for the cleaners. Since most people schedule their appointments with end of lease cleaners Brisbane during business hours, it’s important that someone is home when they arrive — and that person should be able to let them into your apartment or house without any issues (such as forgetting the key).
  • Make sure you have correct contact information for your cleaner(s). It’s also helpful for both parties if you provide each other with phone numbers where they can reach one another whenever necessary during the rental process so there aren’t any mistakes made due lack of communication between parties involved in this process!

Select your cleaning method

The deep clean is a thorough process that ensures all surfaces are scrubbed. It takes longer than the surface clean but ultimately can be more effective in removing dirt and grime.

The surface clean focuses on cleaning the visible surfaces of your home, such as floors and countertops. This method is best when you want to quickly remove stains or other minor imperfections without doing extensive work to your home’s interior.

Full property cleaning includes a full-scale deep cleaning throughout the entire property while move out cleaning focuses only on areas that need it most (such as bathrooms). A full property clean is recommended if you are planning on selling your home, while move out cleaning is ideal if you’re not going through this process immediately after moving out due to having pets or another reason why there may not be much time between moving out of one place and into another before being able to do so again with ease at some point down the road!

All set!

You will be contacted by your cleaner on the day of the cleaning. They will confirm details such as your contact number and property address, as well as give you a confirmation email. They will also provide instructions on what time they can arrive at your property so that they can get the job done in one visit.

Your end of lease cleaners are trained professionals who know how to clean all types of residential or commercial properties without damaging them in any way. We ensure that we meet all environmental standards with our cleaning solutions and equipment which means that not only do we leave your house sparkling clean but we also won’t damage anything along the way!

We understand it can feel like a bit of a headache trying to figure out how to prepare for moving out, especially if you’re going interstate or overseas! That’s why our aim is always to make sure everything is taken care of so that when it comes time for us to start cleaning up after ourselves, all we need from you is some hot tea and maybe some biscuits (if those are okay).

End of lease cleaning Brisbane is a professional service to make sure your home is clean, shiny and welcoming.

End of lease cleaning Brisbane is a professional service to make sure your home is clean, shiny and welcoming. It’s more than just a quick sweep through the house after you’ve moved out; it also includes removing any stains or marks that may have been left behind by your previous tenants.

It might sound like an expensive task but truthfully it can save you money in the long run by ensuring that your property is ready for its next tenant.


As you can see, end of lease cleaning Brisbane is a professional service to make sure your home is clean, shiny and welcoming. The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger! Just book an appointment and let us take care of everything else. We’re here for you 24/7, so whatever time suits you best we can meet at that time too. There are no hidden costs or fees either — just one affordable price with our fixed-price packages.

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