How Dispensaries Have Helped the Economy

by Lizzie Howard Freelance Writer

You might remember the promise of improved economic performance that was to come with legal cannabis. It may seem a little confounding to understand, but this cash crop boosts the economy of everywhere it touches. The economic benefits of letting you use the plant are among the most significant reasons why the plant is becoming legal. The boons to local financial performance from cannabis come from tourism, increased demand where it is legal, and more people in a place, which means more economic activity.

Tourism Hotspots

Tourism is a phenomenal benefit to the economies of places that legalize cannabis. Your community stands to gain from the boost to tourism the crop causes. That boost will help fill the coffers of every business in the community. Plenty of people want to use cannabis, and those people will travel anywhere and leave their dollars where the plant is legal. A California dispensary will bring in thousands of dollars in tourism for the state but not all these dispensaries think their operations are an intrinsic right. Instead, they take the time to invest in their communities. Embarc invests one percent of all their sales to the places' local economy kind enough to host them. Cannabis will be a boon to the tourism industry wherever they decide to make the plant legal. The people of those communities will earn money from the cannabis tourism that follows.

Fiddling with Supply and Demand

Notable among the economic benefits to legal cannabis is the increased housing prices that have occurred along with legalization. The example of housing shows how the financial gains from the increased demand caused by people going somewhere to work in and buy the products of the cannabis industry. These people all need housing when they move, which boosts the rest of the economy locally because of the new sector sprouting in town. Better still, later supply will grow to meet the increased demand, which means more jobs on the local economy's supply side. Everyone who wants a piece of cannabis legalization will see benefits like this across sectors.

How the actual, general price of housing skyrockets when legalization occurs is not as arduous to understand as you may believe economics to be usually. The reason is that the people moving there alter the supply and demand of housing where cannabis is legal. The housing collection is initially the same, but the need for housing increases each time someone moves there. The people moving there drive up the accommodation price because more people are competing for the same number of abodes. Selling a house in a situation like this is how individual people can stand to gain from legalizing cannabis.

More People Means More Money for All

More people mean more economic activity than before, which means more money in people's pockets locally. More people mean a bigger economy, but it does not specifically mean a healthier one. Still, the economy's growth is partially due to that economy's size. So, more people means that there will be economic growth. The cannabis industry is growing the local economies where it is legal. The benefit will extend to anybody who wants to take part.

A bigger economy can come from more people living in a place. When people move somewhere in mass because somewhere is chic, increasing people means more money spent at businesses across the area. More people means that there will be more money in the pockets of people who work at those businesses, and that means they will, in turn, spend more money themselves. A chic place because of cannabis legalization can enter a vicious, positive economic growth cycle that will transform their community. You and your community stand to gain from this new cash crop, and the benefits are there where the plant is already legal.

It is past time to consider the benefits society can have by legalizing cannabis. There is much money making with legal cannabis. There is no reason not to take part in the crop's gradual legalization. Economic gains are there for the taking. Cannabis increases tourism, the demand for goods and services where it is legal, and more people means more economic activity when cannabis is legal. Legal cannabis is compelling, even for people who do not want to use the plant.

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