How Different Stress Types Affect Sleep?

by Kristen White Blogger
When you think of stress it is usually the bad kind, the type that keeps you up at night but there are actually two different types of stress and even more variations of how people physically and mentally react to them especially at nighttime. 

Eustress is a positive type of stress typically generated by events or actions that enhance a person’s well-being either physically, mentally or emotionally.  It creates the release of endorphins into the body which gives the individual a happy or excited set of feelings.  As a result, they may sleep better at night because their ‘worry’ level is decreased in the face of the good news.  Exercise is an example of physical stress that is positive for the body when done correctly which is why kids generally sleep better and longer after a hard day of playing outside.

The negative form of stress that is most commonly known is ‘distress’ and can be the result of a variety of triggers that bring an individual down in spirit, creates worry or anxiety and affects physical muscles through tightening and tension.  It’s important to realize that distress and sleep create a vicious cycle with each other because individuals with anxiety have trouble sleeping which leads to irritability, difficulty in relationships and trouble at work and into more stress.  

While a quality mattress cannot take away the stress, it can provide a comfortable support foundation that can help the person stay asleep in a healthier environment so they can wake up refreshed. You can buy mattress online from a reliable vendor in Dubai and have it shipped directly to your location with a financial guarantee so that if it doesn’t help, it can be sent back. Having the best mattress for yourself and the kids can help reduce sleepless nights so that everyone is a better position to handle the stress that life brings.

In addition to the positive and negative types of stress, sleep can also be affected by whether stress is short-term, long-term or something to be expected in the future. When stress is a brief interruption during the week then a single night’s sleep may be disturbed but to ensure long-term rest you need to find a mattress for sale in Dubai that has the latest features.  This includes temperature control, blocks electromagnetic waves and adjusts to an individual’s sleeping style.  Long-term stress will result in multiple nights with little to no sleep but when your body needs to ‘crash’, the top mattress in the industry will ensure that it stays asleep so it can recover and refresh itself to face the situation on waking.  Along with this, don’t forget about pillows, sheets and other accessories that play a role in the quality of sleep you can get.

There is no way to avoid stress as it is a natural part of life, just as sleep is a typical part of everyone’s daily routine so it’s important to know how to balance both and how they can work with and against each other.  In addition to buying a quality mattress, individuals should research the best ways to manage stress so they can establish a healthy routine that allows them to sleep better at night and give their mind and body a chance to handle the tough moments.

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