How Criminal Law Is Different From Civil Law?

by Mohajer L. Family Law Attorney Arcadia, CA
Criminal law and civil law are two main branches of law. The main purpose of these two law bodies is to compensate the victims of wrongdoing or to punish or deter serious wrongdoing. Most of us get confused by criminal law vs civil law. As per the criminal law, for the benefit of society, the government has to punish some kinds of behavior. While on the other hand, as per civil law, the individuals are compensated with monetary benefits, for the wrongs committed against them. A Civil Litigation Attorney is a professional who helps in handling civil cases legally, and with more ease.

Both criminal, as well as civil disputes, are considered legal cases in the court of law. The trial process of both of them is pretty similar. A civil law case is filed by a non-government party. Generally, a corporation or individual, who is against another corporation or individual, files such case, while on the other side, a criminal case is filed

While both criminal law, as well as civil law, are different from each other, still there is some crossover. Both law cases are known for different types of punishment. It is essential to know the differences while considering them.

Civil law:-
Civil law is known for dealing with behavior that represents an injury to a person or any party, like a corporation. It deals with disputes that are between two entities. Such cases result between individual peoples when one commits an offense that is dangerous towards the other, their property, or their rights. Such law cases also settle disputes within individuals and organizations. These cases cover the gamut of disagreements, disputes, as well as grievances that the plaintiff feels cannot be sufficiently resolved with defendants without the intervention of the court. Breach of contract, property damage, negligence resulting in death or injury, accident, defamation, etc. all are covered under civil law.

Criminal law:-
Criminal law handles the cases that result when someone commits a criminal offense or breaks a law, which typically results in a fine along with jail time. This law deals with the behavior that can be or is construed as an offense against society, the state, or the public, even if the current victim is an individual. Theft, murder, sexual assault, drunken driving, drug dealing, money laundering, and assault, all comes under criminal law. It relates to breaches and offenses that affect society negatively, as opposed to just one individual.

The results in a criminal case and a civil case usually differ greatly. The main objective of civil law is to protect the rights of a person or organization. It also makes sure that the concerned person or organization will receive compensation for the loss or wrongs that they have suffered.

Generally, civil cases only result in monetary damages. They also involve the orders to do or not to do something, recognized as injunctions. While a criminal case can involve both monetary punishments like fines and jail time. In civil cases, both parties can appeal while in criminal cases, only the defendant can bring the appeal.

In a criminal case, a defendant is entitled to a lawyer, and in case, the defendant can not afford one, a lawyer is provided by the state. In a civil case, defendants don't have the right to have a lawyer, so if they can not afford one, they will have to represent themselves.

In a civil case, the plaintiff has to provide the evidence to the court to prove his/her case, while there is nothing such, in a criminal case, as the state has to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.
Whether you are facing a criminal law case or a civil law case, it is necessary to seek a reliable civil litigation attorney for legal advice. Whether you are facing a civil lawsuit, have been accused of a crime, or want to start a compensation claim, the attorney will guide you the best throughout the process.

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