How Could iOS Revamp Your Experience? Check These Development App Trends

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From the technology evolution standpoint, we are in the era where we have taken a drastic shift from ‘Healthy Competition’ to ‘Survival of the fittest’. Change has always been the only ‘Constant’. This change in technology can easily be referred to as the trends, upgrades & updates, latest development, etc.

We are almost in mid-2018, so let’s dive deep into expectation pool of iOS app development trends. But before that, there are few eye opener facts about the mobile world and why these trends matter?

A report from “Statista” shows that the smartphone users by April’17 were 2.32 billion which is supposed to increase to 2.71 & 2.87 billion by 2019 & 2020 respectively. Hands down, the mobile app ecosystem seems not only blooming but also the immensely dominating industry on the planet. The industry encompasses app developers, users and gigantic industry leaders such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. The few core parameters on which these trends primarily based are design, technology, operationality and the important one which we like to refer to it as “likable span” of a user. Competition in the mobile app market is growing day and night with an increase in downloads and businesses paying to design & develop trendy apps. Developers have to focus and pinpoint on the likeable span, i.e, after a user download an app, developers have to hold on to the user’s likeable span through consistent updates, proper strategy for app store optimization and with engaging and encouraging plan of action to ensure that app takes a significant role in the life of a user. If this is missed and they feel that the app is poorly designed, consider your app to be deleted after using once or twice or in a day or two.

iPhone has dominated the mobile sector with its exceptionally well designed and multi-functionality apps to date. To continue dominating, win hearts and to stand distinctively from other app development companies they have to hold the market position in terms of robust user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization strategies. It is intuitively analyzed by the experts that the iOS app development will be having a mesmerizing design & development curve in 2018. Hold your horses, settle down and take a look at the most important ones mentioned below.

Augmented Reality (AR):

Augmented Reality has immense potential to captivate consumers and users with its engaging and meaningful features. How does it work? Well, if you are trying to figure out whether your favorite piece of furniture will fit or how will it look in your home or apartment without actually having to take the measurements? Then certainly you could try mobile apps integrated with emerging AR, which will give you a perfect estimation of your task at hand. Apple’s ARKit intelligently amalgamates the digital data over surrounding objects ultimately bringing apps to beyond-the-screen functionality with scalable, unique and extensive features to enable them to interact with the real world.

Cloud-Driven Mobile Application:

The cloud-based mobile app utilizes minimum device space and can gather data directly from the cloud. The biggest advantage is that the cloud-supported apps are secure and can work safely. It has been surveyed and predicted that cloud-based applications will drive 90% of total mobile data traffic by 2019. Cloud advances will be put to use to create apps that require reuniting with IoT, Wearables, AI and so on.

Core Machine Learning (ML):

Extending a few coding lines with Core ML will add impressive distinctive features to your app. It is already widely been used in many Apple products such as Siri, QuickType, and Camera. This new basic machine learning framework lets you integrate and collaborate on the computer vision machine learning feature into your iOS app.

Swift Programming:

The iOS apps main play was based on Objective-C. However, Swift is innovative, compact and compiled a new proprietary general-purpose programming language from Apple. It is an upcoming and growing language with the ability to withhold its position significantly when compared to Objective-C. Swift is robust, quick and easier to test and hence, will result in delivering better apps. It is one of the most desired and in demand iOS app development trends. Swift 4 is developed in open at and consisting of bug tracker, source code, and mailing. This one is available for everyone.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

By the end of 2018, AI would have spread its presence across many industry sectors such as Construction, Retail, Service, etc. It will definitely enhance the capabilities of mobile applications. Machine learning techniques of AI, Compelling Analytics, Cognitive Interface will provide businesses with the unmatched advantage of powerful insights and an unparalleled edge in the market.

Wearable & IoI Technologies:

So far this has and will definitely bring the revolution in the manner a task is done. Wearable technology applications feature ranges from business to sports. IoT, on the other hand, has evolved from wireless technologies, microdevices & electronic system and internet. This allowed the hurdle to be broken between operational and information technology which paved the way for unstructured and unaccounted machine-generated data to be analyzed and hence the resultant improvements.

App Security:

The concern of security of smartphone has grown more than ever as not only it stores personal data but also security breach through product purchasing process or any business deal transaction. Developers have to provide robust and stringent high-end security features in the mobile app.

Apple HomeKit:

An iPhone app is built using Apple HomeKit, centrally allows all the home automation devices to be synchronized to work together and handles the connected accessories in their home. Moreover, group actions can be authorized via Siri by users.

Apple Pay:

It brings the convenience of payment gateway by integrating Apple Pay into the iOS application. The usage is vast and vivid and provides a seamless approach to the transaction of physical goods like clothing, groceries, etc on e-commerce websites. Apple Pay allows you to build robust and market compatible apps catering to the different industry from hotel reservations to tickets booking.

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