How Can You Use Hashtags Perfectly?

by Deepak Mehta SEO Consultant


Hashtags or the pound sign is one of the most popular signs seen today on social media. It all started in 2007, and today after a decade, it has become the most powerful symbol. The hashtag is used to group and categorize posts using a keyword or keyword phrase. With the popularity of the hashtag, even businesses are using it to light up discussions about their brand/products/services, which has made it one of the most important elements of social media marketing. So, as a marketing professional, do you know how you are supposed to use hashtags in the most appropriate way for the best results for your business? The hashtag must be used such that it helps your brand accumulate user generated content and extend your following by creating short and remarkable phrases. Here are a few tips that can help you do create eye-catching hashtags for your social media posts.

Keep the hashtag simple

First and foremost, you must remember that your hashtag usage should be kept short, sweet, and simple. Don't complicate it to show off your creativity, as then it may not resonate with your audience appropriately. Moreover, shorter hashtags are easier to remember, which can make your posts memorable. Yes, you definitely must insert your most important keyword into it so that it can attract more audience and bring more people to your posts. So, make sure to include a trending keyword, but also keep it short and simple.

Create original and unique hashtags

Just like duplicate content, duplicate hashtags is a big NO too. You must create a hashtag specific for your company, and test it well before launching it. Avoid using hashtags that other brands in your niche are using. Keep it original and unique, while making it attractive too; so, think of your own hashtag that can resonate with your audience. You can hire a professional content marketing company in Bangalore, who can help you create the most unique and attractive hashtags for your brand, and also content that can attract more users, blending both the content and hashtags just perfectly!

Create a purposeful hashtag

Anything that comes with a purpose is good; and same goes for hashtags too. Don't just insert hashtags just because the others are doing it and it is the latest trend. Putting in hashtags anywhere for no reason is a bad practice. Make sure your hashtag has a purpose for being placed where it is. It must have a role in your marketing strategy.

Place the right hashtag on the right platform

Every hashtag is not trending on every social media platform. First of all, you must know which platform you must target. You must be on the platform that your target audience is most likely to be available on. Next, you must check which hashtags are trending on that particular platform. Putting the wrong hashtag on the wrong platform may result in nobody even seeing it.


So, you can see how you can create hashtags to draw more attention to your social media posts and increase ROI. Therefore, you must integrate hashtags into your social media marketing strategy, and you will be amazed to see how many more views your posts can receive using this simple tool.


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