How can you take an Eco-safe Approach to Hygiene using Multipurpose Couch Rolls?

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Couch Rolls provide a cheap and environment friendly approach to keeping surfaces clean and hygienic. Just like any other disposable paper products like paper cups, biodegradable cups, disposable bowls, paper napkins, Tray paper, paper doyles/ Paper doilies and much more, Couch Rolls can also be used as a wiping product either on their own, or with domestic antibacterial sprays and solutions, further increasing its usefulness.

Uses of Multipurpose Couch Rolls

Couch rolls serve as a hygienic underlay for examination couches and massage tables within surgeries or therapeutic facilities. Couch Paper Rolls are an environment friendly option you can adopt in for large commercial purposes such as for hospitals or clinics during surgical purpose and in beauty clinics during different beauty treatments. You can either purchase these Multipurpose Couch Paper Rolls online or get it from a retail shop.  You’ll find a large selection of couch rolls and paper products for the general or therapeutic practice, as well as for use in hospitals.

1.     Couch Rolls for Hospital Purposes

Couch rolls and medical underlays are used for hygienic covering and protection of exam tables and couches. Also known as couch papercouch rolls are commonly composed of glued tissue, are highly absorbent and tear resistant. Couch rolls not only serve as physical protection, but they also offer patients a high level of lying comfort, especially when they have to lie on the couch or table unclothed.

Couch rolls are often perforated at regular distances, so as to improve tearing off of individual pieces. Couch rolls are also easily mounted onto the head or foot of the exam table with a couch roll holder and from there, it can be quickly pulled over the surface of the exam table. As an alternative to common couch roll holders, this will offer you a practical couch roll dispenser.

Couch Rolls offer patient and medical underlays. These practical underlays can not only be used during dressing changes and wound irrigation for catching fluids, but they are also excellent as incontinence underlays or changing mats. A liquid-repellant foil layer on the underside prevents seepage of blood, urine or other liquids, as well as seepage from the surface beneath.

2.     Multipurpose Paper Couch Rolls for Beauty Clinics

Couch rolls and other disposable towels offer ideal protection for beauty beds and treatment areas during a range of salon treatments. Couch Rolls are also used for a variety of procedures such as manicures and pedicures within the beauty industry. As well as saving your furniture from staining, the couch roll paper saves you time and money on laundry and cleaning. 

If your massage table is 185cm long, you will get approximately 21.62 table lengths out of each roll of a 40 metres long Couch Rolls. While the White Coloured paper roll is made specifically with the massage and beauty therapist in mind. It has high absorbance capacity and is soft against the skin.

How does a Paper Couch Roll Works?

Made from a strong GSM paper, Couch Rolls have high wet strength to make sure it does not rip or break away easily. Packaged in boxes, each roll is individually wrapped from increased hygiene. This makes it the preferred choice for medical and beauty industries. 

Couch Rolls can be pulled over the seat/bed, (couch) where the patient/customer lies on. This is how the name Couch Rolls derived. The Couch Rolls create a barrier between your customers and the couch. The roll is generally placed at the either end of the couch, the end of the roll is then pulled over the couch to the desired length. The selected length of the Couch Roll is then ripped off using the perforated section. Once the patient/client is finished with their appointment, the Couch Rolls sheet can then be discarded in a recycled paper bin. The couch is then cleaned and a new sheet of the Couch Roll can be applied. By including the sheet of Couch Roll you are greatly lowering the risk of any contamination between your patients/clients.

The Eco-Friendly Nature of Multipurpose Couch Paper Rolls

The beauty industry generally tends to use cloth towels. It is argued heavily among professionals, over which to use or in some cases, whether to use both cloth towels and Couch Rolls.
  •             Although towels can provide some extra cushioning, they carry many negatives, firstly, they are not as hygienic as a Couch Roll. Couch Rolls are discarded at the end of the treatment, throwing away any germs and fluids lowering the risk of contamination.
  •          Towels must be rewashed after each use, this leads to excessive laundry requirements for salons which not only impacts climate change but increases costs and takes up valuable time that could be spent with clients.
  •          By using a Couch Roll you will be reducing your impact on the environment as each sheet of paper from a Couch Roll can be recycled. So, if you are running an ethical establishment, you could also consider buying Recycled Paper Couch Rolls, which can also be cheaper whilst performing the same function as that of a cloth towels.
  •         Couch Rolls also take up less space within salons in comparison to towels.
Overall the utility, cost effectiveness and environmental factors of Couch Rolls in the beauty industry are undeniably a great hygiene solution. If you are a die-hard fan of using towels, having a box of Couch Rolls on hand can help out in emergencies too.

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