How Can You Deal With Blocked Drains in Melbourne?

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You may suffer from many household problems; you need to know how to deal with it. Blocked drains Melbourne is one of such serious issues, which we are discussing here.

The most unexpected, common and easy to occur any problem in any house is the plumbing issue. You have to be always ready to handle such situations, as they can take place anytime. Well, you can find any of the plumbing problems quite easily in your house but the most common out of them is the blocked drains Melbourne. Hire expert plumber service for reliable solution.
Blocked drainage is the most common and tough to handle situation, because it can get really worse if ignored. This is an issue that almost every person encounters with, no matter where you live. In fact, the problem increases in the places where the temperature is comparatively low or where the snowfall is a common thing. Your drainage system will get blocked when you are least expecting it and to deal with such situation, it is always recommended to be prepared with some solution.
If in case, you left them untreated or ignored this problem, then this normal looking blocked drainage can get converted into a water leak from your drain or can damage your house or business utilities. This situation can get worse and result in bursting the drainage pipe if the blockage is severe. So it is a good option to always get ready for some handy tips that you can use easily and can handle any such situation.
So let’s discuss some of the primary things that you can do to avoid the situation from getting worse.
1. Boiling Water – The best, quickest and the easiest way to deal with your blocked drains Melbourne is to pour in some boiling water into the drainage pipe. This solution can be a really effective one if the blockages are because of the food build ups or because of the grease. This method can easily dissolve the blockages without making the situation worse. But one thing that you need to take care of before pouring the hot water into the pipes is that the pipes should be either of metal or ceramic only. In cases, if the pipes the PVC pipes than don’t use the boiling water, instead of that use the hot water from the tap.
2. Natural Cleaner –
Another very easy method to clean your blocked drainage pipes is by making a DIY natural cleaner at home. Yes, you can easily DIY it and it will not require much of your time or money. Just two simple ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar can do the magic for you. All you need to do is to add some baking soda in the drainage pipe followed by some white vinegar. Next step is to cover the drain completely so that no mixture can bubble out from the drainage pipe. The chemical reaction in between these two ingredients produces oxygen, which is more than enough to scours the inside of the drainage pipes and to clean the pipe. It is not compulsory that the blockage will get clear out completely. If there is some light blockage or blockage due to some elements like food build-ups, then it can get clear out by using this tip for once only. But in case if the blockage is really severe, then you may need to repeat this same process multiple times to get rid of the blockage completely. After the blockage has been removed, flush the pipes with some hot water, to remove the remaining residues.
3. Caustic Cleaner –
These are the chemical cleaners that you can use in your drainage pipes to clear out the blockages. You can get chemical caustic cleaners at the near supermarkets or at the hardware stores. These cleaners with chemicals are able to dissolve the blockages like grease, food, hair and some other such common things. These chemical cleaners do not work on things like solid masses or tree roots or household items. Try to use them as less as possible because these types of cleaners are not good for the environment. Instead of them, try and use the DIY cleaner. After you are done with clearing the blockage, flush the pipes with water to remove any of the chemical residues remaining in the drain.
4. Plunger – As you use a plunger to clear your clogged toilet, similarly you can use it you clear your blocked drain as well. The pressure that a plunger creates in the up and down motion can help you out with cleaning the blockages and thus can make your pipes flowing smoothly. Plunging could be a great option for the solid build ups in your drain pipes but this method is not that effective with the grease or mineral deposits.
5. Snake and CCTV – In case of some really severe blockages, you can go with either a plumber’s snake or with an eel tool. They serve best for the severe blockage drain pipes. The tool has a rotating coil at one of its ends and as it spins rapidly, thus removes or cut down or chips off the entire blockage and clears the pipe. The range of the snakes is limited, so it highly required that the blockage of the pipe in not deep inside it but have to be near the opening of the drain and then only it can be clear out the blockage effectively. As the rotating coil chips off the blockage, there is a chance that it can also damage your pipes. So this is highly recommended to try some other methods first, and if you find them not working properly for you, then opt for this option.
6. Hydro – Jet – Hydro jets are a safer and powerful method than the snaking, to be used to clear the blockage out of your pipes. But this method is not that effective against the solid blockages than the snaking method. It is always better to let a professional plumber do this job for you, but you can also give it a try.

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