How Can Vapes Overtake Traditional Cigarettes?

by UAE Vaping Marketing Manager
After traditional cigarettes, the vaping culture gradually started taking over millions. With new and innovative vape devices and flavors falling out in the market, users couldn’t control their urge to try them. Several vape manufacturers claim that vaping is far better than smoking even though both contain nicotine. As per their study, vapes can reverse the damage done by the traditional cigarette. In most parts of the world, especially in Dubai, vape culture is more prevailing. Let’s understand what vapes are and if they’re any better than traditional cigarettes.

What Are Vapes And E-cigarettes?

These technologically updated devices run on batteries and are an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes. For those of you wondering is it better to vape than smoke? Well, most of these products come equipped with nicotine, however, the strength of which may vary. Nicotine is an addictive drug that is naturally found in tobacco and which relaxes the mind and body. It is due to the presence of nicotine that makes smoking addictive for users, and the same goes for vaping as well. These devices allow nicotine to be inhaled, and it primarily functions by heating the flavors that have nicotine and other chemicals, turning them into a vapor.

Can Vapes Overtake Traditional Cigarettes? And How?

The main difference between vapes and traditional cigarettes is that the advanced versions do not contain tobacco. But, it isn’t just the tobacco in cigarettes that results in lethal forms of cancer. Traditional cigarettes have a list of chemicals that are proven harmful, but vapes contain comparatively lesser chemicals. If individuals are addicted to smoking traditional cigarettes, it can result in a long-lasting inflammation, which may lead to chronic diseases like emphysema, bronchitis, and heart diseases.

A research team at Queen Mary University in London concluded that vapes and e-cigarettes were almost twice as effective for reducing smoking addiction as nicotine replacement therapy. In one of the recent studies, it was found that members of the nicotine replacement therapy group began reverting back to vapes and combustible cigarettes. Whereas, individuals in vaping groups had less severe urge to smoke as compared to those in the nicotine replacement therapy.

Participants in the vape group also reported reduced restlessness, irritability, and lack of focus. A similar trend followed while measuring depression and hunger in the same participants. After four weeks in the study, only 30 percent of nicotine replacement group were renouncing their urge for smoking while the individuals in vape group were ahead by nearly 50 percent at this first checkpoint, with 43.8 percent continuing to stop smoking. The final result of sustaining the urge of smoking was 18 percent from the vape group and only 9.9 percent for those in the nicotine replacement therapy.

Several experts concluded that “ Dubai vapes offered  greater satisfaction and were rated as more useful in remaining abstained from smoking as compared to nicotine replacement products.” The more convenient solution to move away from traditional cigarettes is to embrace vapes as a smoking cessation tool.

By dedicating resources and expertise to vapes, an organized approach to lowering down the nicotine levels to zero can be achieved as vaping was shown to be almost twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy for cutting down the addiction of traditional cigarettes.

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