How are Pets Related in Terms of Carpet Dirty Conditions?

by Austin Baines Content Writer

We all love pets. It’s really difficult to maintain the clean condition of the carpet when having pets like cats and dogs in the home. They wander here and there on our home and have their favourite spot.  Most of the pets like a place, which is warm and cosy and like to rest on thick fabric material thus making themselves comfortable. Therefore, carpet becomes their best place.

Cats are generally cleaner than dogs since most cats are indoor animals. However, they still shed and spread pet dander. Carpet vacuum cleaning twice a week is suggested. It’s ideal to have carpets of medium tone with few colours woven in to help hide some pet dirt from being visible.

Pets do many activities that can make your carpet dirty because they walk sit and eat on it everyday. Pets contribute significantly in dirtying the carpets.  

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Let Us See How:

Dirt and Dust

Much of the dirt and dust comes from the paws of the pet that has come from outside after strolling.  They accumulate a lot of mud in between their paws, which ultimately is dusted off on the carpet. This makes the carpet dirty and cause stains.

Dirty Pets

Pets if not cleaned and groomed regularly transfer their dirt on the carpet when sleeping or shaking off their dirt or rolling on the carpet. It can also make your carpet and pet become smelly .So it becomes important to keep your pet neat and clean. 

Pet’s Hair

Sometimes the body hair of pets also fall off and get into the fibres of the carpet, making them extremely difficult to clean. It becomes even more problematic when you have deep fibre carpet. 

Refuse of Pets

No matter how much you train your pet, accidents tend to happen time and then. This makes the carpet soiled, dirty, and smelly. Therefore, you must have a carpet bleach stain remover to prevent your carpet being spoiled. 

Coloured Pet Food

Foods with artificial colours also harm the carpet causing carpet stains and carpet odour. Pets if spill their food on the carpet give an extra burden to clean it up. So make sure that you give dry food to your pet for less mess.

Grown-Up Nails

Grown-up nails of pets also cause damage to the carpet, especially carpet tearing. When they roam about in the house, run or get excited, they tend to scratch the floor or carpet if they are standing on it, pulling the fibres off them. Therefore, you must trim the nails regularly to avoid any further damage to your carpet.

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Our carpet cleaning methods do not require soap or make use of the chemicals. We do not even use much water. We Carpet Cleanings Melbourne have adopted eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Melbourne techniques that are completely safe for your family and pets. The proprietary cleaning agent is green-certified and uses the power of carbonation for removal of dirt and germs from the carpet. We also offer effective solutions and cleaning agents that would remove 99 percent of carpet odours caused due to pet urine from carpets. On our arrival, our experts will also provide carpet cleaning tips that are most useful during accidents.

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