How AI is changing the Education

by Alley Walker Education Consultant
The ability of a machine or software program to learn, think and work like humans is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI stimulates the process of human intelligence into machines with the inclusion of expert systems, machine vision, problem solving, learning, planning and speech recognition. AI has become an integral part of everyday life. It is widely used in several sectors like finance, banking, education, healthcare, transportation. Lives are more technologically driven with the installation of smart sensors for clicking pictures, automatic parking systems, personal assistance, biometric systems and a wide range of activities.

The education system is rapidly changing with the installation of new AI systems in their classes with the help of computer science. It is becoming more personalized and convenient. People no longer depend on class notes from the teachers. They record class lectures in smart devices, laptops, phones and computers and use them while studying. Students does not need to attend physical classes as there are plenty of information available in the internet. The automation of administrative tasks enables institutions to lower the time that is taken to finish complex tasks.

Teachers does not need to spend hours checking copies and grading them. Academic institutions have automatic grading systems installed in their centers that accesses homework. They give valuable responses to students after grading is automated on multiple tests. AI and education has a quality relationship with each other. New techniques are introduced into the academic institutions to ensure that students are able to attain academic success at per unit time. There is a topic named smart content where robots have the flexibility to create digital content like that of essay writing services. They comprise of virtual content like video lectures, video referencing and virtual notes.

Text books still have the traditional theories and does not provide much of the authentic information. Carrying textbooks is not possible. Moreover, each textbook does not provide with all the information needed to cover the syllabus. That is why text books are now digitalized and students can store several books in storage pattern. Searching a topic is also easy. Students can easily enter the keyword and ensure where the topic is present in the book or not.

IT helps students to gather information about anything they want. They can learn any course from anywhere across the globe at any time. Students are administered with fundamental IT skills through the usage of AI powered education equipment. Wide range of courses are included in online sessions. Students can significantly improve the IT processes and unleash new efficiencies. AI has been installed in most of the education institutions.

Classrooms have well organized IT setups that makes learning effective. Digital education is attractive as students can remember them easily. It contains attractive diagrams and flowcharts that helps the students to remember about the things in an effective way. Practical examinations are considered more efficient than theoretical. AI enables institutions to take practical examinations on a wider basis. As grading is automated, students and teachers cannot do unethical things.

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