How Advanced SEO Technique Improve Performance in Magento

by Ashish Goyal Digital Marketing Analyst

Magento can lead the way concerning features, scalability, flexibility, system safety, and reliability in contrast to most other e-commerce platforms, but all the advanced features which Magento has comes at the cost of having a large number of files and massive databases, in addition to a greater number of requests page loading and, consequently, makes Magento slower compared to many other platforms.  When you are running a website, you need to create the latest SEO techniques to improve its visibility in various search engines. SEO is a tough job as you have to utilize lots of techniques to raise the performance of your site.

E-commerce store owners have a tough time trying to optimize their website to search engines and it only gets rougher as the number of products in the shop increases. Due to the complexity of the endeavor, there are many retailers that, instead, focus on increasing their social existence and increase the budget for paid advertising in order to compensate, get more traffic, and increase earnings. However, all these efforts do not help much without SEO strategies, as 51 percent of visitors come through search engines. Therefore, you need to do quality SEO for your Magento development company. Many times, you do not get the desired result. Fortunately, there are several extensions for Magento which could help you in SEO practices and can increase the speed of conversion.

A number of them are highlighted below-

 Ultimate SEO guide

Duplicate content is a hassle for both search engine optimization professionals and research engines. In reality, duplicate content means that a similar content has been displayed on a number of URLs Such content distract search engines as they can't display duplicate content from the SERPs for lookup queries made by users. Consequently, they penalize sites that have duplicate content and downgrade their rank.

Ultimate SEO guide helps to deal with duplicate content issues efficiently. It provides canonical links into the mind of each item page also helps you to handle Sitemaps in an easy way, allowing search engines to get all pages of your website and index them in their database.

SEO Cross Links

SEO Cross Links is an amazing extension, which permits you to add several keywords and URLs to the main pages of your website such as blog pages, Splash Pages, group pages and product pages. It helps users and search engines to locate your pages easily and quickly. By doing so, you can increase the usability of your site up to a fantastic extent. With this expansion, you get free technical support and performance updates.

Sitemap Chunk

Sitemap Chunk is an ideal extension for those E-retailers who run a massive scale E-commerce website and need to supply a vast range of services and products to their customers. This extension helps you to cross the limit of sitemap URLs directed by Google Webmaster Tools and other search engine optimization management software and produce several Sitemaps in “chunks" of greatest 40,000 URLs.

Layered Navigation SEO

Navigation plays an important function for all sites as it allows users to select from 1 page to another and also search for the required products and solutions easily and quickly. A website with a high bounce rate is not important in the eyes of Google and it reduces its rank in search results. For eCommerce websites, where a purchase is only a couple of clicks away, a crystal clear & trustworthy navigation will help online shoppers to locate their goods easily.

The Layered Navigation SEO extension comprises quite a few navigation attributes such as AJAX, Multiple Select, Checkboxes, Price Slider, Show More/Show Less, Drop-Down lists etc., which allow you to supply simple navigation on your website and enable shoppers to find what they require.

Zoom Full-Page Cache

Website loading speed is an important element that determines the behavior of shoppers along with the quantum of prospects you make. Zoom Full-Page Cache extension assists E-store owners to boost the website loading speed up to a fantastic extent, reduce the load on the server and increase the conversion rate. This extension functions on a very simple pattern. When a user visits your site for the first time, it hunts and provides the page to the visitor and saves its own cache. When the user visits the website again, the machine uses encoded information rather than generating a request on the site's host and presents the results quickly. This reduces database and server load up to a great extent and makes your website quicker.

Aten Software Product Export for Data Feeds

At times, all your SEO efforts go in vain and your website will not get ranked up in Google. In cases like this, you shed your business little by little. To prevent this unpleasant situation, you may use the Aten Software Product Export for Data Feeds. Also, you can hire an expert Magento developer from best organization. This is actually a product export expansion for search engines, which enables you to list your products at Google Shopping, Facebook Product Ads, Bing Shopping, along with other shopping search engines to receive enormous traffic on your site and improve your sales rapidly. A quick site attracts countless shoppers, meaning more business chances. Additionally, it rewards a website using a better Google ranking.

Advanced SEO Suite

Improve the visibility of your e-commerce website on popular search engine platforms by adding Advanced SEO Suite extension into your SEO toolkit. It's an incredible search engine optimization extension that enables you to maximize the product categories and product categories for a specific search term on a template that will help you get a higher rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

All you have to do would be to set up the Meta tags, H1 heading, and write search engine friendly description to your product groups to create better SEO rank. It only optimizes your internet store for specific search terms onto the template.

Magento SEO PLUS

Although Magento comes with a lot of “out-of-the-box" SEO functionalities, you will still need to have a strong extension that is able to help you accomplish your targeted goals with ease. This is where Magento SEO PLUS extension comes from. It's a one-stop solution for all of your SEO needs.

Magento Canonical URLs

Create Canonical URLs to your Magento e-commerce website in order to get better visibility on Google and other search engines. Apart from incorporating a 'real' canonical URL to a WebPages, it also lets you set custom canonical links manually for your products. The best part about Magento Canonical URLs is that it allows search engines to understand those web pages or URL of your shop which are more relevant for web visitors against a specific search query.

Speed up Magento

 Magento and Woo Commerce are known for having problems with pace and their functionality decrease with time. Ensuring that your eCommerce solution is running quickly is among the most essential facets to your revenue, SEO ranks, abandonment rate, and the shoppers' total consumer experience. Follow all the suggestions below on how best to accelerate Magento and keep it running quickly to guarantee return sales and shoppers.

Latest trend up to date

It's essential that you're constantly running the most recent edition of Magento as upgrades normally contain bug fixes and functionality enhancements. Install an original variant the Magento file tree, run the installer in the document tree in addition to the obsolete database. Upgrading Magento is slightly more work than updating Woo Commerce or even Shopify, but Magento includes a fantastic comprehensive tutorial on how to completely update Magento. Implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Magento is among the easiest ways to immediately see diminished loading times. As a result, you will make certain you're serving your resources (product pictures, JavaScript, CSS) from various places around the world in order that they are delivered quicker for your shoppers. Magento also will come with an integrated caching module also, but 3rd party alternatives appear to attain improved outcomes.

Need for Optimizations

Magento is slower and has a whole lot more orders than the other CMS. Since, the most popular platform in the market, owing to its vast collection of from the box attributes.

Magento Performance Testing Tools

 Before we begin taking a look at the Magento speed optimization measures, it's better to discuss the choices you have to determine the true page loading time of your Magento store. Though, a quick Google search the query will give you a long list of websites which will offer basic information around your website's rate, I would suggest looking to utilize Google Page Speed Tool, since they are the most frequently used tools and will provide you accurate results. If you already have a Magento store, I'd recommend that you check its webpage load time before you start the following the subsequent performance optimization methods, and see how much your website's performance improves. Another factor to think about is that each of your webpage templates will have different page load speeds, due to the reliance on various documents and front-end assets.

The Concluding word

Doing search engine optimization for an E-commerce site and get the desired results in terms of traffic, standing in search engines and sales is not a kid's play. You have to toil a lot at all of the times to enhance your site's rank and sales. These are some of the very best SEO extensions for Magento that could work as a catalyst in your search engine optimization efforts and help you get exactly what you would like!

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