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WHAT WEEK SHOULD YOU PACK YOUR HOSPITAL BAG? First Tick-off The Hospital Bag Checklist 

How Motherhood Changes You, in general, is expected to keep her hospital essentials all packed by 36 to 37 weeks of her pregnancy. However, if her OB feels like she may go into labor early like Nicole Randazzo-Ahern, the MD of the newborn nursery at MassGeneral Hospital for Children recommends packing her hospital bag when she is around 35 weeks pregnant.

Packing of the hospital bag isn’t limited to time or weeks of pregnancy, if you are excited and want to do it way too early, by all means, GO AHEAD! Just keep in mind to not delay the packing for later than 38 weeks, then it is going to be a problem. The earlier, the better; the later, the problem. Additionally, it is also very important to start-off with a Hospital Bag Checklist by penning down everything you feel is important and later-on erasing the one that is not so important. 

WHAT SHOULD YOU NOT PACK IN YOUR HOSPITAL BAG? Second Tick-Off The Hospital Bag Checklist

Just like there are a handful of necessities/ compulsory must-haves that should be included in the hospital bag, there is also stuff many moms-to-be end up packing and later realizing it was a complete waste of space. Better to realize and recognize the unimportant kinds of stuff early than regret it later. 

The Bellus Family compiled a list of things that are unnecessary to be packed in one’s hospital bag. Some of these may come in handy later on for either the new mom or the newborn, but evidently not at the hospital before, during, or even right after the baby is born:

  •      Food: Yes, you cannot go for even three hours without food during your pregnancy phase but carrying an excessive number of snacks in the hospital bag is only going to take up unnecessary space. Although you’ll at first assume you might need to munch something continuously and what if you don’t like the hospital food, you will later realize that you aren’t as hungry as you thought you would be when you’re at the hospital and the hospital food is also surprisingly not that bad! Besides, you are most likely to be occupied with contractions and minor pains kicking in before the actual delivery and will completely forget about the extra/ excessive food you packed in your hospital bag. It is hence your choice to realize early or regret later
  • Books/ Magazines / Other similar items for entertainment purposes: Remember you are either going to be at the hospital for a day or two and you can always use pdf versions of your favorite reading material from your phone if you happen to have a long labor. Again, carrying several reading materials will only be a waste of space since you can use an alternative method and utilize that space to carry other important necessities or you simply won’t be having a long labor hour. You never know! So once again in this matter, it’s better to realize early or regret later, your call.

    •    Fancy Dresses: Although you may at first plan to wear fancy clothes post-childbirth and click a lot of cute pictures with your newborn, it won’t take you long to realize that you are better off with either a comfortable maternity gown or a pair of loose tee and pants after actually giving birth. The heavy bleeding postpartum and continuous nursing will only make you want to wear loose clothes that are cute but not too dressy and easy to nurse whenever the baby is hungry. It is hence, better to realize how unnecessary fancy clothes are earlier than packing them and regretting them later.


    •    Cosmetics: After giving birth, you are most likely to be busy with the baby and hence can go for a day or two without heavy makeup. You may carry your essentials such as a tinted lip balm and mascara/ eyeliner, but carrying all of your makeup products, the whole set is only going to take up a lot of space which can be used to pack something actually necessary for you to use at the hospital before, during and or after labor.
    • Although the above-mentioned products are the major No-No’s, you can also avoid packing basic things a hospital will provide you with after labor such as:      
    • Sanitary pads
    • Immediate Postpartum essentials such as Towels. Dermoplast spray, peri-bottles, breast-pump etcetera.
    • These are a few products that will be provided in most hospitals globally. Therefore, it is better to avoid packing these to save space and save the hospital bag from being heavier than needed with unnecessary items.

      WHAT TO PACK IN YOUR HOSPITAL BAG? Third Tick-off The Hospital Bag Checklist

      •       Hospital Documents: The first most important item to pack in your hospital bag is the documents needed for the hospital. It should consist of your ID, insurance, medical cards, and importantly your birth plan if you have one, and other similar papers needed for the hospital.
      •  Toiletries: Although the hospital might provide you with a bar of soap, shampoo, and a set of basic toothpaste and toothbrush, it is always better for you to pack your own set of toiletries. Nothing beats that feeling of comfort of using your own toiletries because the ones provided by the hospital might not be of your personal taste and preferences. So, the basic list of toiletries you need to pack includes your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, body lotion, and a comb. These should be enough essentials needed for your stay at the hospital before, during, and after labor.

        The above mentioned being the two important items you should pack, the other essentials include: Last Tick-off The Hospital Bag Checklist

        •       Phone charger
        •       A comfy maternity gown
        •       Two-three maternity bras
        •       Number of breast pads
        •       Cozy loose tee-shirts and pants, about two sets.
        •       Slippers/ Flip-flops
        •       A comfortable bathrobe
        •       A decent set of clothing that isn’t too tight or too loose for you to wear while you go back home after your labor. Keep in mind your baby bump will not disappear fully after childbirth. You will still have a smaller bump, making you look about 20 weeks pregnant for about another few weeks postpartum.

        These are all the essential items one needs to pack in their hospital bag, however, the list isn’t limited to this blogpost. You can always pack whatever you feel will be needed the most during your stay before, during, and after your labor period at the hospital keeping in mind you are most likely to stay no more than 24 hours at the hospital for vaginal delivery and 72 hours at the hospital for C-Section unless told otherwise by the doctor. Pack accordingly. 

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