Honey Farming In Lucknow: The Right Time For Honey Harvesting!

by Rohini Shukla Content Writer
As such, there is no fiction and rules for honey harvesting. If you are indulging in honey farming in Lucknow or any city of India where honey production takes place in mass, you better study for the right time to reap honey from beehives. Experienced beekeepers follow flexible techniques for collecting honey from apiaries during late summers or early springs. Generally, it takes almost a season for bee colonies to expand their population and collect a generous amount of honey in their beehives as the summer ends. Let’s understand some tips and tricks for good honey harvesting in the details below.

When To Gather Honey From Beehives?
Those who are into beekeeping better know when is the right time to collect honey from beehives with a couple of indicators. One of such indicators is the consistent nectar flow from beehives filled with capped honey by bees. Nonetheless, seasonal or weather conditions are never the same every year; thus, honey farming in India can possibly differ from year to year. It’s pretty fair for first-year honey farmers if they succeed in gathering surplus or even a small portion of honey through harvesting by late summers. 

Checking Hives Frequently Is More Than Better: 
Many times, it’s been a wonder whether a beekeeper should check hives frequently or it disturbs bees to make honey. Here is the answer by experts that it is always better to check beehives frequently as it enables them to notice the progress made by honeybees and figure out how many frames are packed with honey already. However, harvesting honey even at this time will not be a good idea as one must wait for the summers to end for honey gathering from apiaries. A honey farmer can have a frequent check below the hives cover after every one to two weeks. 

The Perfectly Right Time To Reap Honey: 
Whether it’s honey bee farming in Lucknow or any other place in India, experienced and practiced beekeepers consider the perfect right time to harvest honey is from late July to mid of September. By this time, the frames filled with capped honey with 80% turn to 100%, and also, one does not need to bother about losing honey due to poor weather conditions during this time. 

Summing Up! 
In the end, honey farming in India is more about patience for a lucrative outcome of honey harvesting. Every honey farmer should have to delicately wait for all the frames to be filled with honey by bee colonies to gather the surplus of quality honey at the end of summer. It’s also prominent to note that keeping the honey supers on the beehives for too long also affects honey harvesting. Nutriflavin is a top-of-the-line honey brand formulated with full indigenous beekeeping by practiced farmers.

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