Honey Bees and Bumblebees

by Sharon G. Graphic designer

Honey bees square measure among the foremost helpful creatures on earth; not solely do they supply the United States of America with honey and alternative byproducts that we are able to consume as food, however honey bees and alternative bees play a vital role within the pollination of flora. It's been calculated that up to thirty % of the food that humans consume round the world is dependent upon pollination by bees. However, we tend to square measure even as probably to seek out bumblebees in our gardens as honey bees; however do these 2 kinds of bees differ?

Both square measure members of the family Apidae; honey bees belong to the Apis and bumblebees to the Bombus. Though their square measures quite 250 known  species of humblebee, their square measures solely seven recognized species of honey bee. each play a task within the pollination of flora. Each square measures social animals, living in colonies, and so employee bees gather nectar from flowers to require back to their colonies, for consumption and to feed to their young.

Beekeepers raise honey bees for honey, beeswax, and alternative industrial products; bee colonies unbroken by beekeepers will last a few years, and people bees within the wild conjointly tend to ascertain permanent homes. Typical honey bee colonies have thirty,000 to 50,000 bees, whether or not domesticated or within the wild; the overwhelming majority of the bees during a colony square measure feminine employee bees, World Health Organization square measure sterile and perform nearly all the work of the colony. Colonies conjointly contain a queen, the World Health Organization is capable of laying eggs and manufacturing young; and some hundred male drones, whose sole purpose is to mate with the queen.

Bumblebees, on the opposite hand, have a lot of smaller colonies -- typically fewer than 100 bees. Bumblebees don't construct permanent homes as honeybees do; they usually nest in tunnels within the ground, although typically they'll manufacture a wax cover for cover. Humblebee societies square measure structured equally to those of honey bees, with employees, drones, and a queen all fulfilling specific functions, however humblebee employees don't seem to be sterile; they're able to lay haploid eggs that can be converted into male drones. solely queens square measure able to lay diploid eggs that may mature into feminine employees and queens additionally as males.

This generative competition between the queen and therefore the employees leads to colony behavior that differs from that of honey bees. Early within the generative season, the queen can suppress the egg-laying ability of her employees by physical aggression additionally as pheromonal signals. The queen can so turn out all the primary male larvae of that season, additionally as all the feminine larvae. Because the queen's ability to suppress the employees wanes later within the season, employee bees, too, can begin to get eggs that turn out male larvae.

After they need to mature, new males and queens are driven from the colony; these outcasts spend nights on flowers or in cavities within the ground. The queens and drones {will also|also can|will} mate with each other; a mated queen will seek for an appropriate location to hibernate through the winter. In the subsequent spring, the queen can emerge from hibernation and realize a location for a nest. The queen, then, forms a brand new colony and broods her eggs on her own.

Bumblebees do turn out honey, from the nectar they gather from flowers; the method is comparable to that of honey bees. However, honey bees tend to provide additional honey than they need; it's so straightforward for beekeepers to reap honey from domestic hives whereas going away is enough for the bees' own wants. As a result of bumble bee colonies square measure so much smaller, they're barely able to turn out enough honey for themselves; beekeepers thus don't conceive of raising bumblebees for his or her honey. to boot, it's troublesome and typically damaging to extract honey from wild bumblebee nests. humblebee honey is utterly edible, however dilutant and additional watery than honey bee honey.

It typically could also be laborious to tell apart between them, however they're distinct animals with completely different habits and life cycles.

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