Homeopathy Works Well in a Wide Range of Health Conditions

by Francine Kanter Classical Homeopathy by Francine Kanter

It was Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, and a chemist, who founded homeopathy. The basic principle on which this system of medicine works is Like Cures Like. The medicines are safe as they are made from natural products. The preparations are available in different strengths and constituents. Each practitioner has a different approach to their preparations and they prescribe their patients accordingly.

The medicines in homeopathy rest on three main principles, the law of similars, the principle of single remedy and the principle of minimum dose.

Three principles on which homeopathy depends

The laws of similars - This principle states that a disease is treated by a medicine that develops signs similar to those the patient is experiencing. This is the reason why a doctor in homeopathy in Port Orange involves in a lengthy conversation with the patient before prescribing any remedy. Once the doctor concludes all the signs, he or she then set downs the medicine matching the symptoms.

The principle of single remedy - This principle affirms that a single medicine should cover all the signs the patient is experiencing. The symptoms include everything, psychological, arousing and bodily.

The principal of minimum dose – The principal of minimum dose is divided into two parts. Firstly, the doctor lays down minimal doses of the medicine and waits to see what effects the medicine have on the patient. Secondly, the medicine is given in a minute dose.

What conditions does homeopathy treat?

Before you have this thought, where can I find an experienced homeopathic doctor near me, you should find out what medical conditions does homeopathy treat. This system of medicine treats a number of diseases. Some of the common conditions it treats are cold, cough, sprains, and minor skin irritations. Homeopathy also treats constipation, vertigo, allergies, eczema and urinary tract infection and more.

What should you expect when you visit a practitioner in homeopathy in Port Orange?

Before prescribing a medicine, your homeopath in Port Orange will fix an inclusive interview to settle on all the symptoms the client has to find a medicine that produces those same symptoms. The interview can last for as long as an hour or more. The interview will cover your mental, physical or emotional well-being. The doctor will also ask about all features of your lifestyle including your eating habits, sleeping habits and more. Once the symptoms are identified, proper medication is prescribed. Proper dosages are adjusted and if the signs change, so will the prescription change.

So, try homeopathy if you have any medical condition to be treated. The treatment is completely safe and effective.

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