Homemade Holiday Week: Making perfume with essential oils

by Veda Oils Vedaoils

All of us wish to smell fresh and energetic throughout the day irrespective of our busy and hectic schedules. Therefore, perfumes and deodorants have become one of the essential commodities of our lives. However, the regular perfumes and deodorants that we use are made from chemical compounds. Many of these chemicals are harmful to your skin and might even be the cause of irritation, itching of the skin, rashes, redness, etc.

Some of the local companies claim to make natural scents and perfumes but we cannot trust them since they are in the market to earn profit by selling cheap items. Therefore, it is a great idea to create your perfumes with the help of natural ingredients like essential oils.

Today we will see how to make cool and refreshing homemade perfumes that are not only aromatic but also safe for your skin and overall health.

Things that you should know

Essential oils are concentrated and powerful enough to create a burning sensation or rashes if you use it directly. Therefore, do not forget to dilute it with carrier oils before applying it directly to your skin. 

All the essential oils do not necessarily produce pleasant aromas. Some of them can create a strong pungent smell that can make your DIY perfume smell awful. Some oils create a sense of nausea while some of them might not have any particular smell at all.

Also, different people have different preferences and favorites when it comes to perfumes. Therefore, we recommend you to blend these fragrance oils in an essential oil diffuser before combining them in a vessel.

Quality of oils make a major difference as the oils that contain impurity will spoil the chemical composition of your perfume. Therefore, always opt for aromatherapy oils that are 100% pure and natural.


People who are prone to skin allergies and those who are suffering from skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, etc. must seek the permission of a doctor before using the perfumes made from essential oils. Pregnant women must also consult a doctor before applying these oils as perfume.

How to make homemade perfumes?

It is very simple to make homemade perfume. Keep in mind that perfume is made up of multiple notes. The top note defines its fragrance that you experience while applying it. The middle notes maintain its aroma for a long time while the base note creates its final essence. Therefore, you need to use essential oils accordingly.

Follow these steps while making a DIY natural perfume:

Step 1: Use sterilized glass bottles or containers to mix these aromatherapy oils. Let them dry for some time and afterward fill a sufficient quantity of carrier oils or clear alcohol like vodka.

Step 2: Pour the essential oils that you want to use for the base notes first. Base notes should ideally have a strong and sustaining fragrance. Fragrance oils like Frankincense oil, Cedarwood oil, Clove, Cinnamon, etc. can be used for base notes.

Step 3: Middle notes sustain for the longest time and therefore you must use the oils accordingly. Cardamom, Cypress, Geranium, etc. can be used for middle notes.

Step 4: Top notes fade quickly but are noticeable and strong enough to refresh your mood. Lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil, Bergamot oil, Grapefruit oil, etc. can be used for top notes.

Step 5: Use a little more vodka or carrier oil if required for diluting the perfume. Set it aside for at least a week or two so that all the oils blend perfectly.

Step 6: Your DIY perfume is ready to be used now!

Benefits of using natural ingredients for making homemade perfumes

Natural ingredients like essential oils not only have a pleasant fragrance but they also provide other benefits to your skin. Most of them have a calming effect and soothe your mind, soul, and body.

They are skin-friendly and do not react when applied to your skin. Some of them provide relief from stress, anxiety, hypertension, and other issues. Therefore, they are also good for your overall health and wellness.

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