Home Renovation Tips: What are Important Rooms in Your Home That You Should Renovate

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When you plan a home renovation, then in most scenarios you choose the family room or entertainment area for this purpose. You might want to include a widescreen television, wireless surround sound, recliner seating options and many others. However, there are a few homeowners, who prefer kitchens and bedrooms for renovation purposes. This is because the day starts and progresses in these rooms. With different people having different opinions regarding room renovation, it is important to know the answer to the question: what are important rooms in your home that you should renovate. Read the article to get the answer along with a few home renovation tips for that particular room.

When people search for a new home, the most important things that they consider is its curb appeal, kitchen and bathroom. They ensure that these rooms are contemporary and meet their desires of style and taste. The reason behind this is that the kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms in the house that are prone to the highest wear and tear. Hence, it is recommended that you should renovate these two rooms, which deal with more water and have high footfall.

Nowadays, the quality of materials available in the market is top class. If you are smart and creative, then it is easy to renovate your kitchen and bathroom in such a manner that it requires less maintenance and it does not stain or crack. This means that the new age renovations will last twice as compared to the previous decorations. One of the top problems of renovating the bathroom and kitchen is that they are among the most expensive rooms in terms of renovation. In these rooms, you will find electrical-l sockets, plumbing, custom cabinetry, countertops, faucets, light fixtures, and many more. If you decide to take up the renovation job work, then you should emphasize choosing the materials that are best in the industry and will deliver the perfect design layout. Along with this, also ensure that the materials are easy to install so that you can do it yourself.

  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is one such room in your house, which can be considered as its Focal Point. Because of this reason, it is considered as the most important renovation. With a few home renovation tips, you can get a drastic improvement in the quality as well as the value of the kitchen and hence the entire home. We recommend considering the kitchen as the important room and renovate it first before moving onto any other room.

Home Renovation Tips For Kitchen

  • If you are cabinets are in good condition simply changed their finishing and painting

  • Change the handles and install contemporary once

  • Consider adding a new tile backsplash

  • Go for stone countertops

  • Add new lighting in the kitchen

  1. Bathrooms/Ensuites

Following the kitchen, the bathroom is next in line for renovation. Bathroom styles are prone to changes with each passing year. Especially if you are using a carpet in your bathroom, then it is a clear sign that you should renovate. 

Home Renovation Tips For Bathrooms/Ensuites

  • Upgrade your shower with the new style as there are a plethora of options available nowadays. Glass door showers are very elegant and beautiful.

  • Consider upgrading your toilet that can have a wonderful effect on your house water efficiency.

  • Change the existing faucets/fixtures.

  • Go for a contemporary vanity

  1. Bedrooms

In our list, bedrooms are the third most important room that should be renovated. This should be done in a way that suffices your relaxation requirements. This is a room that should promote a good night’s rest. Hence, you can consider using relaxing hues, beautiful & comfortable bedding, and nightstands are some of the ideas that can spice up your bedrooms. Braided rugs are another option that will provide comfort below your feet. It is also a beautiful option that will increase the aura and elegance of the room. 

Home Renovation Tips For Bedrooms

  • Build in-built shelving and storage cabinets

  • Create walk-in closets

  • Go for comfortable bedding

  • Choose two main colours instead of a single one

  • Add a bold wallpaper

  1. Closets

In general, people do not think of renovating the closets, however, with a few improvements, you can increase the storage to a great extent. Each house has a distinct set and style of the closet and hence their renovation will require different methods. 

  • To make your life simpler you can add can you walk-in closet

  • An existing walk-in closet can be customised according to your needs to store Apparels and jewellery

  • If you have foyer closets, then built-in shelving and cabinetry will increase its utility.


Among the various rooms, the kitchen has been the favourite of everyone for renovation. These are also the most expensive remodelling options. The most common kitchen remodelling ways are new cabinetry, ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring and others. Among all the rooms in a house, bathrooms and bedrooms are the next most popular rooms that people prefer to update. So what are you waiting for; implement the home renovation tips to get that extra elegance and functionality that will increase its appeal.

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