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Constipation is a problem that affects people of all ages.  It can be a real nuisance when you don’t or are unable to pass stool regularly. Constipation actually refers to not passing stool regularly or incomplete evacuation. If you can relate to either scenario and it’s causing a problem then it might be a good idea to see your doctor about it. Find best doctors online in Lahore instead of waiting days for an appointment. Get expert medical advice from home and get treated sooner than later.

How can I find a doctor in Pakistan

Online healthcare services are booming in Pakistan. Telemedicine apps or online doctor apps and online social media platforms are connecting patients and doctors like never before. Surveys show that more than 80% of health problems can effectively be solved online, provided those conditions don’t require any emergency care. Most cases of constipation are non-urgent and can be treated remotely.

The easiest way to find best doctors online in Lahore is by downloading an online doctor app on your smartphone or mobile device. Most apps are FREE. After signing up you gain access to an online clinic list in Pakistan of top-notch qualified healthcare professionals. Find expert doctors online in Lahore, book an online doctor appointment and get treated without stepping foot into the clinic.

You can get a free consultation with a doctor online from the convenience of your home. Your online doctor can help you identify the cause of constipation and discuss treatment options with you there and then. No need to spend time on a commute or big bucks on consultation fees for something as simple as constipation.

What causes constipation anyway

There are several causes of constipation so it varies from individual to individual. Here are some common causes of constipation you should keep in mind

Insufficient water intake

Inadequate intake of fiber content in the diet

Less amount of physical activity

Ignoring or halting the urge to pass stool

Unhealthy eating habits

Anxiety or depression

Note that there may be certain medical conditions that may worsen or trigger constipation like thyroid problems and pregnancy. If you think anyone or more of these causes apply to you then it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about it. If the conventional doctor appointment is taking too long then find expert doctors online on your phone by downloading an online doctor app on your smartphone. smartphone. Get expert medical advice the same day with a free consultation with an online doctor in Pakistan. If you live in Karachi, then this app will help you connect with a doctor on call in Karachi, or if you live in Lahore, then find an expert doctor online in Lahore. It’s really as simple as that!

How do you treat constipation

Whatever the cause of constipation, the management is more or less the same. Your primary care physician will most likely recommend simple changes in your diet and lifestyle as the first step in managing constipation. These changes may include

Increasing fiber-rich foods in your diet. Fiber basically increases the bulk of stool and improves consistency in bowel movements. Regularizing bowel habits is the first step in breaking the constipation cycle and symptom relief. Include foods like wheat, whole grains, bran, leafy vegetables, nuts, and lentils.

Increasing water and fluid intake. Some studies have shown sparkling water to be more effective than ordinary water. There is no conclusive evidence to support this claim but you could give it a try.

Increasing physical activity. Physical activity stimulates bowel movement and aids the passage of stool along the intestines. Some studies show that regular exercise significantly improved symptoms. Try going for regular walks for starters and see if it helps.

Drinking tea and coffee. Some studies show that tea and caffeinated drinks can stimulate bowel movement and increase the urge to go to the bathroom.

Take probiotics which help with maintaining the balance between good and bad gut bacteria. Some people with chronic constipation have an imbalance between these bacteria.

Along with these recommendations you will probably be given some medications like a stool softener or bulking agent to help ease the passage of stool, soften it and prevent discomfort.

How to treat Constipation:

For a more detailed treatment plan download the My live doctors app on your smartphone and find expert doctors online in Pakistan and get a free online doctor consultation today! Use this tool and find expert doctors online within minutes of downloading the app. Get expert medical advice, a prescription online or a second opinion all with one app. Finding doctors online in Pakistan has never been easier. Give it a go!


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