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Australia, apart from some of the most deadly and venomous creatures, is famous for its wide variety of common and troublesome pests such as termites, rats, mice, possums, ants, or cockroaches. Therefore, it is strictly advised that you get a full pest inspection before renting or selling a property because having pest problems can throw a bad impression and put off potential buyers. Since common buyers are no expert in detecting pest problems, pest control services are offered to solve these problems. Pest control is a popular service in both commercial and residential settings regardless of whether the property is a suburban house, a commercial warehouse, an office block, or a restaurant. It is the dire responsibility of the property owner or property manager to hire a pest control team as soon as they suspect pest infestations. So, if you are one of those property owners who suspect a pest infestation on your property and you are looking for a team of experts in pest control then Home Masters Pest Control is the best option that you could get in Australia.

About Home Masters Pest Control:


Home Master Pest Control is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to helping families and businesses get rid of pest problems as quickly as possible. They are your local pest control experts operating for over a decade keeping homes and businesses from Glenelg, Hallett Cove, Morphet Vale, Happy Valley to Seaford, and McLaren Vale free of pest infestations. With Home Masters Pest Control, help is only one call away with a friendly and responsive team. They are available 7 days a week from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm and their team will attend your home within 24 hours. A team member is always available on hand to book a pest inspection when you need one so that you can buy your new home stress-free.

Home Master Pest Control has been operating for over a decade now, so they know pests more than others, and their team is fully experienced, certified, and perfect for the job of eradicating pest problems quickly, efficiently, and safely. Fully equipped with tools, equipment, and chemicals they provide a complete, integrated pest control solution so that you get longer-lasting results. The whole process of identifying pest species, locating entry points, killing eggs is undertaken in the most thorough way possible.

Pest Solutions by Home Masters Pest Control:


Universal Pest control services and fumigation Service

Buying a new home and then finding that the timber of the house has been eaten away by termites could be emotionally devastating. If you have got a termite problem then Home Masters got a complete, tried, and test plan to get rid of the problem. First, the Home Masters’ team will come to your home and assess the likely entry points and the extent of the infestation. Then they will work with you, advising you at each step of the process, and implement a complete termite solution that suits best your circumstances.

Termites, also known as white ants, mostly live underground and use mud tubes to travel above ground. Since they live underground eating the timber from inside out causing thousands of dollars of damage without even being seen, it is vital that you make sure that your home is well protected against these nasty little pests. Our expert pest controllers offer two main termite prevention options:

Termite Barriers:

What are some pest control methods? - Quora

For older homes, a liquid soil termite treatment is used as a barrier. The liquid could be repellent or non-repellent. It is sprayed around the perimeter of the house impregnating the termites with a slow-release chemical hindering the termites from feeding. Since it does not immediately kill the termites, it infects the whole colony eradicating them completely.

For new homes, they are built with a physical barrier around the perimeter of the slab and any pipe penetrations. This prevents termites from entering the home. Hence, no infestation occurs inside the home.

Termite Bait Stations:

Termite Baits: A Guide for Homeowners | Entomology

Inground bait stations are created around the perimeter of the house. Then they are filled with a special baiting mixture non-toxic to humans or pet animals but deadly to termites. When termites feed on this mixture it does not kill immediately but takes some time, long enough to infect the whole colony. Hence, eradicating them completely.

Rodents and Possums:

Rodents and Possums are common pests in Adelaide’s Southern Suburbs. They are highly unhygienic and can spread disease. They gnaw through wood, cable, and plastic damaging the infrastructure of a house. They also breed very quickly, hence, they be eradicated immediately.

Rodent control – ABC Pest Control

Our team at Home Masters Pest Control have mechanisms like bait boxes and/or dusting to free your home from rodents. With special chemicals and equipment, the experienced team at Home Masters can be relied upon for the removal of rodents as well as expert advice on how to prevent future infestations. However, Possums are a protected species, so they need to be caught rather than killed. Hence, non-harmful traps are set up for possums and all of them are released in line with the state regulations.

Flying and Crawling Insects:

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