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“Indian street various delicacies”

High-risk payment gateway India! What a good idea! Is this even making sense? Yes, totally. Indians are biased for hard work. Every person there is so enthusiastic about every new thing. And that’s a good thing, from any aspect.

But in the industry, enthusiasm isn’t the only thing you should depend upon for earning. There are other factors too that decide your fate. Some of them are – market growth, resources, support, and experience.

And maybe you’d be able to get other factors under you but what about merchant services. That’s the thing you need for faster growth. To get these services a merchant first tries to go to local banks. But oops! They are not interested in your business, because they have their reasons.

Banks are not pushovers; they just simply aim for less loss big profit. Is it possible to get a big profit with less loss? No. Right? But what can you do in this situation? And what made them think that you’re bearing too much risk?

The things aren’t decided on themselves. You’ll find it disturbing that chargeback is the first reason for declining your proposal. In this condition, the only party you can rely on is a PSP.

PSP | High-risk payment gateway India

In India, not everyone knows about a PSP. But if we put PSP in simple worlds then they are payment service providers that provide merchant services to merchants. And if they’re providing merchants services, it doesn’t mean that they’d provide such services to anyone.

That’s not going to happen like that. The reason behind that is even if they are providing services to high-risk merchants it doesn’t mean you’ll get in and get some of it. No! Every PSP has some set of rules and demands. If you’re able to follow and cope with them then you can get what you need.

While other PSPs are busy demanding low-risk, HighRisk Gateways is standing for every high-risk merchant. No matter how deep you’re in that thing, we’ll help you out. We have the experience of working with high-risk merchants since 2012.

Followed by that, we’ve met many types of high-risk merchants globally. So, you can say that we’ve at least the knowledge of every kind of business sector. Unbelievable, right? So, that is. But, if you’re looking for someone, that can provide merchant services & guidance then why not us?

Indian Businesses and their needs

Indian businesses are run by a group of people. It’s not that only a single person can run the company. There should be someone who should be observing everything and taking action when needed.

So, they are guided by the higher-ups. Now, the question is what are their needs? Indian merchants just want to put their products on sales, and earn not only the sum but also a designated brand name globally.

For that, they must do three things. First – they should properly take care of the production, and the quality of the products they are selling. Second – they should get a backup plan (if needed/mandatory). And third- If they are selling their goods online they must get merchant services and the support of an expert for expansion of their business.

The two basic and main services are – (1) Payment Gateway, and (2) Merchant Account.

With these two, merchants will feel empowerment, optimism, and a sense of positivity. Maybe that sounds a bit cringe and cheesy. But from one point that’s a reality. These two services are two of the main pillars on which your online business stands.

Payment Gateway

It is payment processing software that helps to collect online payments via websites and applications. This gateway is supposed to securely accept payments online done by consumers and simply end that to the acquiring bank.

Merchant Account

A merchant account is a customized account for merchants to receive online payments processed by the payment gateway. This account is one of the necessities for merchants who just want to collect all the payments within a few simple steps. And systematically record those transactions details.

We’ll come to the merchant account again. But first, let’s talk about a payment gateway.

Issues with a normal payment gateway

A normal payment gateway can’t process transactions over a value of the amount. Other than that they are just provided to the low-risk businesses. Banks especially avoid any collaboration with high-risk businesses. So, that’s one of the reasons.

Another one is that the chargeback rates decide whether to provide you with such services. Apart from that, another reason is online fraud which is everyone’s concern. So, that’s unavoidable in any condition.

In these conditions, you may not be able to get a normal payment gateway. Now, HighRisk Gateways wants to offer you a high-risk payment gateway with a high-risk merchant account.

High-Risk Payment Gateway | Pros

Shopping is easy with online apps and websites, as well as a bit hasty enough to annoy you. But if merchants get something that can provide their consumers a bit of convenience then there’ll be no issue.

high-risk payment gateway has the support of a high-risk payment processor so you don’t need to be worried about high-value payments. And the other features that we’re going to tell you will also support you to the end.

Multi-Currency Support

During online payment collection, a merchant can face consumers from any country from the selected area. Now, the issue will come, if you’ll not be able to collect payment in their currency. But this gateway has the feature of multi-currency support that makes it easy to collect online money in several currencies. This will also help you to trade products in several countries regardless of the currency is.

Alternative Payment Modes

Not every consumer prefers to pay with the options you’ve given to them. And that can create inconvenience for your consumers. For that, this gateway has the feature of alternative payment modes. It helps the consumers to pay the bills in several popular payment modes.

This kind of service will encourage more consumers to come over to your website and buy products freely. The future of your business will be outstanding.

Real-Time Reporting System

The feature of a real-time reporting system helps merchants to get alerts for every transaction. Also, it saves the details of every transaction systematically. So, things won’t get messed up with each other.

Also, it sends alerts to the merchant for every issue that happens with the payment processing system. It helps in taking action on time. So, that the consumers don’t feel stressed because of the inconvenience for too long.

Fraud Prevention Tool

Online frauds are the first thing that comes to mind before indulging in an online business. For that, this payment gateway has several fraud prevention tools. It runs the tools for every transaction and ensures that no fraudulent transaction gets processed.

Credit Card Processing

Card transactions are acceptable globally. So, it would be a great idea if you start accepting card payments as well for your business. And for faster and more secure transactions this gateway has the support of a high-risk payment processor. It helps in transacting online payments within seconds. This will help you to increase the online traffic over your website for shopping.

Bank Cascading

What if several acquiring banks are willing to help you out with transaction failure? Amazing, right? This payment gateway has the support of several reliable acquiring banks. So, even if one bank refuses to transact the payment another one will do it within seconds. It is just to make sure that you don’t need to take stress for your online payments.

High-Risk Merchant Account

This is one of the main merchant services. A high-risk merchant account is customized according to the needs of high-risk merchants. It has several features to receive online payments faster, with security. Now, as you already know about the high-risk payment gateway, you’d need a high-risk merchant account to receive online payments with ease.

For Now | High-risk payment gateway

Since, all of the doubts have been cleared that why “High-risk payment gateway India”, you should get ready for many amazing things. From now on you’re a family of HighRisk Gateways. And we’d treat you with expert guidance to grow faster in the international market. F or any query just drop a mail, and have your doubts cleared.


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