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High quality feed pellet It was effected by 3 factors: excellent formulation, raw materials, excellent processing technology.

The good feed pellet requires was effected by 3 factors: excellent formulation, high quality raw materials, excellent processing technology. Due to the difference between the actual quality of the raw materials, the actual processing process and the expected theoretical analysis, the produced feed pellet cannot faithfully reflect the quality of the formula and make the formula distorted. It’s very common phenomenon in feed factories.

What effect feed pellet quality? We are here to analyzes the main factors and solutions of formula distortion in the process of feed production and processing.
Ingredients factor Ingredients play an important role in compound feed, which can control the quality of feed pellet.
The accuracy requirements are high when formulating the formula. Its generally reaching one to three decimal places. But this accuracy level cant be reached In actual production. At present, many feed factories use microcomputers to control ingredients. The adoption of microcomputers has reduced the human factor greatly in the production process, but there are still problems. If the raw material is added in a small amount but with good fluidity, it will increase the raw material batching error, such as calcium hydrogen phosphate, the error can reach about 5%. The main reason is that when the feeding auger stops feeding, but some materials still flow into the batching scale due to inertia.

Small Tips: When the computer controls production, there must be a slow feeding program. Which mean when the feed auger feeds to a certain stage, the speed will be slowed down to reduce the error caused by inertia. There is also another way to reduce this kind of error, like after determining the error percentage, deliberately increase or decrease the addition amount for human control when entering the formula. About the floating fish feed machine, you can come to lima for a learning.

Crushing factor. The powder size of the raw material determines the surface area of feed pellet. The finer powder size of the raw material, the larger contact surface between the various raw material particles, and it will be easier to combine. The more consistent the particle size of the various raw materials, the better quality of the mixture in the subsequent mixing process. The finer the feed ingredients is good for the digestion and absorption of the animals, which also improve of the feed conversion rate. But in actual work, the powder particles are not uniform after crushing. If the screen size is 63mm, almost 15% powder size is less than 25μm, particles larger than 1 mm is about 25%. The uniformity of the particle size is inconsistent after crushing , it will result serious classification in the mixing of materials.
Small Tips: The user try to use small aperture screens for crushing when ensure normal continuous production. If the animal feed production line with enough budget. They can adopt secondary crushing process. The secondary crushing process can ensure uniform product size, and can also save energy and increase output.


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