Hidden Secrets of Carne Asada


Basically, Carne Asada is a marinated and cooked steak, sliced thin and served on tortillas. It is also used as an ingredient in a variety of dishes. The main method is to marinate almost any kind of beef in a lemon-based marinade.

It's grilled over a hot fire, generally charcoal, and then sliced into thin strips across.

But it is not just that.

In Mexico and the American Southwest, carne asada has become the latest Spanish equivalent of barbecue – in a party sense.

Types of Grill

Commonly, a large charcoal fire pit is used to cook carne asada. Domestically, a charcoal grill works pretty well. Since the meat is cooked over direct heat, there is no need for a lid or a cover. Mesquite chips are another option on your gas that will help, but nothing beats the authentic flavor of the natural fire.

Beef- Cut

Whatever cut of beef you use, it should be flavorful. It doesn't need to be tender enough. We all know that carne asada is normally made from skirt steak, but there are alternatives like sirloin flap meat, flank steak, or even trimmed brisket cut into an-inch thick. It is again cut into several thin strips.

If you are planning a huge gathering or a party and want to have plenty for your guests, plan on up to a pound of meat per individual.



Soaking is not that necessary, yet it is recommended because it will give flavor and tenderness to your meat. A well-marinated carne asada will have lime-juice, optionally orange juice, garlic, onion, black pepper, and vinegar.

Hot peppers can also be added if you want, but don't overpower the meat making it too hot to handle.

And salt is a big NO!



When you're ready to grill, have a good rough salt (if you want to) and add a little powdered garlic, cumin, chili powder along with whatever you like.

Shake it properly and keep it in-hand!

Carne Asada Grilling

Make sure the grill is very hot before starting to cook.

Place the meat on the roaster.

When you see the juices on the surface, sprinkle the meat with that salt. When the salt liquefies, toss the meat and repeat. This conditions your meat while cooking.

Carne Asada should be on the salty phase, which doesn't mean you need to add more. The only reason salting is performed is because it makes carne asada taste so good.

Serving Carne Asada


Serve with warm tortillas. A nice Asada taco is topped with chopped red onion, salsa, salt, and many others.

Enjoy your Carne Asada with Coca-Cola!

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