Here’s How to Cure Your Sinus Problems Once And For All

by Sinu Soothe Health Care Product Supplier
What made your nice sinuses turn bad? 

Sinuses are simply empty air pockets located inside the bones between your eyes, behind your cheekbones, and in the temple. They create bodily fluid, which keeps your nasal passages moist, thus relieving nasal congestion and allowing the sinuses to drain properly, helping to remove any harmful pathogens such as bacteria or virus. 

Here are some great tips to cure your sinus problem: 

The sinuses are covered with a kind of skin called a mucous film. As discussed previously, this film helps to remove any harmful pathogens.

The coating of the sinuses can swell if an individual has an unfavorable response to an allergen or irritant, or the nose becomes contaminated. This swelling may cause a feeling of heaviness around the nose, cheeks, or eyes. These regions of the face may feel excruciating pain or be delicate to the touch.

Using steam to open the sinuses can relieve this.  A few drops of essential oil added to hot water such as eucalyptus can be beneficial.

Put boiling water, into a large bowl or wash hand basin and carefully hang your head over this, so the face is over the water (be careful since the water is boiling). Cover the head with a towel, and inhale the steam through the nose. 

Pressure point massage is a key part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It includes applying pressure to specific acupressure points on the body, to eliminate pain. 

Pressure point massage (acupressure) has for quite some time been used to treat colds, influenza and sinus issues. It can be done at home or by a professional. 

Be careful not to apply too much pressure as it could cause undue pain or discomfort and if in doubt please consult a reputable TCM practitioner.

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