Here's A Detailed Study Of Winter Tyres And Their Usage


Amongst the seasonal tyres, winter tyre variety is less in use. It is usually because of the confusion of its proper time and condition for use. Mostly there are misconceptions about the purpose of these tyres. You need to have some information on Dunlop Tyres Longton to make the right choice. So, let us dig a little deeper into the details of these and be in the know.

Winter Tyres Explained

The tyres which are designed to be used in winters are called winter tyres or snow tyres. These are definitely not for all-year use unless you live in a place where the ambient temperature is always below 7 degrees. But these can be used in mild temperature conditions. So even though the UK has a moderate climate throughout, it is quite suitable for the use of these tyres as long as summer doesn’t arrive and this is one of the main reasons for the rising popularity of winter tyres at present.

These tyres have special structures like grooves and sipes which would aid at cutting through snow and still maintain proper traction and grip on the road. In fact, the tread pattern, which is a little different from summer and all-season tyres, makes sure that there is no chance of aquaplaning. In short, winter tyres are the safest tyres on ice. So if you are thinking of getting a set for your vehicle, it is highly recommended.

Snow Tyres & 4-Wheel Drives

There is confusion among the drivers with winter tyres being better than the 4-wheel drives. So, let us try and do away with this dilemma with a clear comparison between the two.

Considering a front-wheel-drive with winter tyres and a four-wheel drive with summer tyres, the latter has an advantage of traction as it is capable of picking up speed from a halt, especially on icy road surfaces. But on the other hand, the braking distance of these tyres is much more than the winter ones. This means winter tyres are better at cornering and braking faster. Having a winter tyre fitted to your vehicle shall be much safer for you on winter days than using a four-wheel drive fitted with summer tyres.

This comparison would clearly state that the best tyres to choose for winter roads is to take up a four-wheel drive with winter tyres fitted to it. This is because the winter tyres are the best option in case of wintry days and icy roads; also the four-wheel-drive enhances the tyre performance capacity to another degree. But even if that is not affordable, a usual two-wheel drive with a set of winter tyres fitted to it can also do wonders on the tarmac.

Legal Requirements

Sometimes it becomes a problem to get a set of winter tyres without proper permission as there are places in the UK where the government doesn’t allow winter tyres for various reasons. Although such cases are really limited, it is still important to become aware of your local laws for winter tyres before thinking of getting a set for your vehicle.

Other than that there is also the possibility of some places mandating the use of winter tyres during the winter season as it can be really dangerous to stick to the usual summer tyres at that time. So if winter is approaching and you are yet to change into winter tyres, you might just get into a legal problem if your place has such mandated laws.

Apart from all these factors that shall influence your choice, winter tyres are usually not that expensive considering the advantages that they shall provide you with. So, if you are looking for Cheap Tyres Longton then you shall find much variety in the winter tyre section.

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