Here is why LED Lighting is creating waves around the world?

by Abhi Sharma Professional in Electronics Department
The LED light or light emitting diode is indeed lamp of the future because it has many advantages over incandescent as well as CFL or compact fluorescent lamps. LED lighting is beneficial for your budget. In addition, the customers will find several models to create a distinct and unique atmosphere for each room using the products LED light manufacturers have brought to the market.

Consumers in large numbers are changing their old lamps in favor of LED lights and it is a very smart move indeed. But why have they become so popular? In what follows, some interesting points have been shared that will convince users about the benefits.

Benefits of using LED lighting at home and workplace

  • An LED lamp can last between 20,000 and 40,000 hours. An incandescent bulb had a life of 1,000 hours and a CFL of about 12,000 hours.

  • An LED lamp generates a lot less heat, is very safe and energy efficient. That's why the Christmas tree decorations mostly comprise tiny LED lamps known as rice lights.

  • LED lighting is available in different models, shapes and colors. You can easily get customized options to suit your mood and the time of the day. It is possible to use smart lighting that changes brightness and hue.

  • Compared to an incandescent lamp, an LED lamp is up to 20 times more efficient. In an incandescent bulb, not less than 90% of the energy used is converted into heat and not light.

What exactly is an LED light?

The LED lighting is a form of "solid state lighting," a type of lighting that uses diodes which is an electronic device. An LED bulb consists of several different LEDs which is a component that emits light when the electric current passes through its material. This component is packaged inside a small transparent sheath, which also functions as a lens and thus disperses light. Therefore, this light is efficiently amplified and forms together, with many LED lights, a bright LED lamp.

Why are they so much better?

LED bulbs emit much less heat compared to incandescent light bulbs and CFL. Popularly known science facts quoted by LED light manufacturers show that LED lamps converts 50% of the energy used into light and 50% into heat. An incandescent lamp uses 10% of the energy used in light and 90% in heat. A CFL lamp converted 35% to light and 65% to heat. This results in a 10 watt LED being equal in brightness to a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

The LED lighting is also resistant to shocks and vibrations, which is very positive in terms of its service life. LED lamps are stronger than an incandescent lamp or other types of bulbs and can withstand voltage fluctuations quite easily.

It is true that LED lighting is a little more expensive to buy than other bulbs, but their life is much longer, and in the long run, they cost much less. All attempts are being made by LED light manufacturers to lower costs further.

The LED lighting is therefore environmentally friendly. Besides, did you know that the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to researchers who had worked with the light emitting diode?

Summary: LED lamps have become a serious energy-saving tool, which is beneficial for lower electrical cost and the environment. LED light manufacturers are putting forth more efforts to reduce the cost of these efficient lamps.

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