Herbal oil massage is a time-tested method of rejuvenating the mind and healing the body.

by Sherlin M. Content writer

Ayurvedic oil has been relied upon for thousands of years as a fundamental part of Ayurveda. Is calming, soothing, moistening and lubricating. Ayurvedic herbal oil cherishes the tissues of the body.


Trust the natural power of Ayurveda herbs, which are rich in active ingredients, together with pure and gentle oils for enjoyable skin care. Whether for a soothing massage, rubbing in or for specific body care needs. Selected nourishing substances combined with pleasant fragrances, ensure a holistic body care experience. Manufacturing these oils according to age-old original recipes often takes many hours — a luxuriously royal experience.



We provide all kind of ayurvedic herbal oil such as Amla hair oil, Chenab Oil, Erand Oil, Mahabhringraj oil, Arthofix oil. These oils are solutions to health-related issues. Sheetal Herbal manufactures the quality herbal oil for its users.



Here are few Ayurvedic wonders, their myriad benefits and the ways to incorporate them in daily life. These ayurvedic oils uplift the quality of your life remarkably.


 1)    Sesame Oil


Sesame oil plays a vital role in Ayurvedic rituals. It is inherently warm and perfect for ‘Abhyanga.’ Abhyanga, in Ayurveda, means self-massage that both, exercises and calms the body and mind. When used in Abhyanga, oil is warming and relaxing. Regular self-massage with sesame oil lubricates the muscles and tissues and provides resilience, vitality, and vigour to the body. A warm sesame oil massage will restore the youthfulness of the body and peace of mind.



 2)    Bhringaraj Oil

This one has earned quite a name for itself for being the king of oils. Bhringaraj is supposed to be a magical potion for hair growth and radiant skin. But, did you know most Bhringaraj oils come with a sesame oil base? The Ayurvedic herb, Bhringaraj addresses and calms all the three doshas in our body: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Bhringaraj oil aids the sustenance of a calm mind, healthy hair, glowing skin, and clear complexion. When massaged on the scalp, it also leads to better sleep, promotes hair growth, and deters premature greying.


3)     Ashwagandha Bala Oil

Ayurveda is all about leading a holistic life. There is excellent stress on the prevention of diseases and lifestyle disorders. Ashwagandha and Bala are Ayurvedic herbs that promote healthy muscle building, which consequently leads to vitality and energy in the body. Combining Ashwagandha and Bala oils can heal nervous disorders, help in developing strong muscles, and provide power to the body.

A massage with this oil is especially suitable for toddlers and the elderly as these Ayurvedic herbs are most recommended for their rejuvenating properties, and for developing and restoring damaged muscles.


4)     Mahanarayan Oil

Mahanarayan oil is made with over 29 Ayurvedic herbs. It is a potent Ayurvedic concoction that soothes, strengthens, and nourishes damaged muscles and tendons. It promotes an active lifestyle and is hugely beneficial for the movement and the recuperation of joints that have weakened or undergone too much wear and tear. It also facilitates joint space narrowing and synovial fluid dehydration, which heal and repair bones that have grown weaker over time.

You can also use Mahanarayan oil for regular massage by diluting it with a base oil.


5)     Neem Oil

Neem prevents as well as heals diseases. Ayurveda’s Neem oil is the most cooling of all Ayurvedic oils and works as a cleanser and detoxifier for your body. It boosts your digestive and immune systems.

Neem oil will soothe the heat and protect your skin against unwanted microbes. Regular Neem oil massage can do wonders for your skin. Also, it is a better alternative to chemical-laden creams and moisturizers.


6)    Brahmi Coconut Oil

Ayurveda originated in India. Brahmi comprises gotu kola and bacopa found in most parts of India. When these herbs are blended into coconut and sesame oils, a cooling concoction is formed. This oil is ideal for use during meditation and for enhancing mental health. It helps in clearing and calming the mind.

When massaged into the scalp just before sleeping, it boosts mental function and awareness. It is also instrumental in relieving sleep disorders. Use it thrice a week to improve concentration and memory. A bright and calm mind also means less stress.




Benefits of using Ayurvedic Herbal oil :


1)    Moisturizes the scalp

2)    Helps in hair growth and makes thicker

3)    Makes hair stronger from roots

4)    Gives you Silky & shiny hair

5)    Instant relief from pain

6)    Treats joints and knee pain

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