How‌ ‌can‌ ‌hypnotherapy‌ ‌help‌ ‌you‌ ‌break‌ ‌ those‌ ‌bad‌ ‌habits?‌

by Jenny Campata Online Marketing Head

It is a well-established fact that breaking bad habits is difficult and is usually an acts that we do unconsciously. So much so that they become second nature to us. A bad habit is essentially a negative behavioral pattern and often leads to poor consequences. These patterns are compulsive and can show up in situations where we are anxious, or trying self-medication. Bad Habits are acquired as no one is born with them. They are also developed over time by observing the habits, both good and bad of those around us, which is essential, the role models in our lives i.e. our caregivers. These habits are then internalized as our own are displayed, subconsciously to seek attention and control.

Habits are also formed when kids find comfort and safety in repeated behaviors to help them calm down. Especially when they are feeling lonely, stressed, or in danger. Some of the habits that we form as children can include, but aren’t limited to, chewing on objects, picking on one’s skin, biting nails, cuddling with a toy or a blanket, etc. As adults, the bad habits are of different nature like substance abuse, procrastination, overeating, avoiding emotions by sleeping late, negative self-talk, etc.

These habits can have an extremely negative impact on a person’s personal life, relationships, health, wellbeing, and even appearance. Further adverse effects of these habits can lead to the development of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and even social and sexual dysfunction. A solution focused hypnotherapy session can help you get rid of all these habits and help both your physical as well as mental well-being that allows you to lead a healthier life.

The best way to figure out if this is a good option for you to heal is by working with a professional. Anyone with a history of delusion and hallucination is not a good candidate for this type of therapy. It is also important that anyone who has any kind of repressed trauma and unresolved issues must work through them before diving into hypnosis for any other kind of treatment.

Here are a few areas where you can get help with using hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy to help with Self Confidence and low self-esteem:

There are many areas that you can improve your confidence and self-esteem. It may be that you are aware that you are qualified for a job but the moment you arrive where you are supposed to give the interview, you lose all your ability to actually communicate any of your capabilities to your prospective employer.

Maybe it’s been a while since you got romantically involved with someone because the trauma from the past is not letting you move on or even go out and find someone new to get involved with. If the negative experiences and unhealthy patterns from your past relationships aren't letting you get the happiness you deserve, then hypnotherapy can help. You can create new beliefs and goals about intimate relationships using hypnotherapy.

A person with low self-esteem is usually doubtful of themselves and also self-critical who focuses on their weaknesses rather than their strengths. It is these beliefs that affect a person’s behavior leading them to avoid challenges and opportunities that may push them out of their comfort zone. Such people find it quite difficult to be assertive in their everyday life.

Similarly, various other bad habits also leave a deep mark on you and how you choose to manage your life. These habits can persist even when the person is aware that they are bad for them emotionally, physically, and even mentally. A mere desire to change these habits isn’t enough to break free of the cycle. Hypnotherapy can get you the tools that you may need to get rid of these habits.

During hypnotherapy, a deeper state of mind is ignited. Regression techniques are used so that you can go back to the time when you set up certain pathways and behaviors to reframe them to cause new paths. This allows for the patient and therapist to work together to sever the old pathways and allow new ones to be created so that they can suit your current lifestyle.

Using hypnotherapy for the treatment of various addictions has been of great success. A lot of studies were done to suggest that these techniques have been helping patients get rid of addiction. Because of the studies are done and the positive results they have generated various rehabilitation centers have been incorporating hypnotherapy as a form of alternative and holistic treatment for addictions. This form of treatment supplements in a comprehensive way to treat addiction and helps in several ways including helping patients feel easier during withdrawal, helping alleviate pain, changing the addictive behavior, and helping boost emotional health.

Hypnotherapy as an alternative way to treat bad habits, stress, anxiety, addiction, and depression has long been proven to generate great results, hence making it a good alternative form of treatment and worth exploring. However, the information provided here is not a substitute for any form of professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. Please always consult a professional for help with any of the above-stated problems if you or anyone you know suffers from them.

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