Helene Goldnadel on Causes of Low Self Esteem in a Child

by Michael O Norton Forex Trader
The definition of a child's self esteem is pretty much how they view themselves and feel they are worth. A child's image and self worth starts to develop at an early age and carries on with them for the rest of their lives. It is important for parents to figure out the causes of a child's low self esteem or poor self image so they can prevent it and in the long run, create a confident and happy youngster.

First and foremost, a parent should just know that no matter what happens, their child will look up to them. Parents are the biggest influence in a child's life and their confidence directly comes from your confidence. If a child is getting yelled at, or beaten, or told they are messing things up - why would they think highly of themselves? Even when a parent ridicules or ignores a child, teases them or makes fun of them about something, it is very easy for a child to form a complex and become very self conscious. Just remember going to school and having to deal with all of the other children - a child should be confident and happy, not worry about their appearance or how they laugh. Something that seems so little in the beginning can be very damaging as they grow up. On the other end of this, children that are pressured to do so well and held to a very high standard may easily feel like a failure if they are not living up to a parents expectations. These can easily turn into identity issues in early adulthood.

There are two different ways as per Helene Goldnadel that a parent can deal with this situation: a parent will either help create a healthy self esteem or they will help destroy it. A poor self image in a child is a direct reflection on the parent and their parenting skills. Typically a parent with a low self esteem will reflect in their children.

Another source of low confidence can come from other family members and peers as well. Friends, teachers, coaches can all play a part in how a child's self worth develops. Criticism can come from anyone that a child come into contact with essentially, so all and all, this greatly impacts the child as well. If child is constantly teased at school by peers, this can cause them to become quiet and introverted, confused inside, wondering why they are different. Words can be very damaging.

Last but certainly not least, the media greatly influences children as well! The media is more damaging to one's confidence in their physical features and can create a poor self body image, no matter what a parent tells a child about their appearance. The media is a powerful thing that of course cannot be avoided but should be taken into consideration what a child is allowed to view.

As you can see there are many different things that can affect a child's self esteem but mainly it stems from the parents. Just like any successful thing in life, a strong foundation makes for a sound building. Creating a strong and positive foundation for your child takes a little work but is well worth it!

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