Heat Up Your Patio Area by Adding a Gas Fire Pit

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A night spent out on the patio can be spoiled by sudden cold weather. Many of us have turned to ways to heat the patio area, so we can use it for more of the year. Here are some great ways to heat the patio area:

Gas Fire Pits Edison


A ‘Chimney’ is a solid fuel burner that looks a little like an old fashioned pot-bellied stove. It usually consists of a bulb at the bottom that serves as the burner and a long chimney which radiates heat as smoke travels up it. These are decorative and can be very cheap to run since they can be fueled by junk wood. It’s a bad idea to use plywood and chipboard since the glues are often toxic, and don’t burn generic trash in them; it can lead to poisonous smoke and chimney fires. Gas fire pits Edison are another popular way to heat your patio inexpensively that we’ll discuss below.

Gas Heater

Gas patio heaters consist of a stand with a gas bottle, and a burner, usually around head height and protected by a metal brim to keep the rain out and funnel the heat downwards. These are more expensive to run than chimneys as they require gas fuel. They’re a common choice for commercial venues such as restaurants that consist of beautiful fish pond designs with waterfalls Edison.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a large brazier. A fire is built inside it and left to burn. Usually, they are designed to run on charcoal and the same cautions about fuel apply as with a chimney. A firebox is slightly more open and a slightly different shape but they are essentially the same thing, a portable open fireplace. Unlike a gas heater, gas fire pits require gas line installation to ensure safety and make sure the fire remains consistent and does not go out.

Electric Heater

Electric patio heaters use the same technology as space heaters – an electric element heats up and the heat is radiated out onto your patio. Powerful ones can be among the most effective ways to heat a patio and warm-up surrounding elements such as fish pond designs with waterfalls. Electric heaters can also be fouled by insects and need to be sited carefully to stay safe in the rain.

The four main types of patio heaters are covered here. Depending on your budget, the type of patio you have, and how often you use it, you’re sure to find a great way to heat your patio up in those slightly cold evenings. You may need to contact professional landscapers to discuss the design & construction of your patio fire pit. They will guide you about the different aspects and will help in avoiding any mistakes while building a personal fireplace.

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