Heat Stroke In Poultry And It's Treatment

by Anfotal Nutritions Animal Feed Supplement Manufacturer

Heat stress a very harmful condition for poultry farming which generally happens in summer season when the temperature is above normal. Humidity, high temperature, and low wind speed are the main cause of heat stroke condition. It negatively affects the overall health of the poultry birds where the depletion of minerals is seen as much possible there is an increased rate of mortality. “Open mouth and panting” is a sure sign of heat stress. Chicken or poultry birds don’t have any sweat glands which makes it harder to regulate the temperature. By adjusting the position of their wings or feathers they try to lose heat from the body. By gasping they are losing water in their breathe and try to cool themselves by the process of evaporation from the surface of the lungs.

Visible Sign of heat stress in poultry.

In general poultry, birds suffer heat stress when the below mentioned sign and symptom persists.

Panting: It is a situation and the first sign of heat stress. When the temperature is high the chicken's loose heat with the help of features by an evaporation method. But with this, it also loses essential minerals from the body by this the process which makes a deficiency of vital nutrients in the body which increases mortality ratio.

Breathing rapidly: To maintain and regulate the rising temperature of the body the breathing rate increase which increases the loss of nutrients.

Loss of electrolytes: Poultry Electrolytes are important to stay healthy. During the stroke, there is a loss of electrolytes from the body which becomes a silent killer. It is something that can’t be seen. Depletion of electrolytes from the body weakens the immune system and malfunction different organs that led to other diseases.

Excess intake of water and shortage of feed intake: During heat stroke chicken stop taking as much feed as they need but they rely on drinking water to maintain the temperature. Low intake of feed can lower the requirement of minerals and other vital elements which makes the body weak.

Low Egg Production: When the nutritional balance in the body is disturbed by low feed consumption, the health decreases which affect the production of eggs or the egg which is produced has thin shells.

Effects of Heat Stroke on Body:

  • Gasping, Panting and heavy breathing.
  • Increased Cannibalism
  • Poor coloring of body and rough skin.
  • Loss in egg production.
  • Increase mortality ratio
  • Lower immunity
  • Higher intake of water and low consumption of feed.
  • Loss in Body Weight
  • Low Fertility

Invisible Sign of Heat Stroke:

  • pH balance of the blood increases.
  • pH balance within the cells decreases
  • Frequently urination which causes loss of electrolytes.
  • Low immunity
  • Production lowers due to homeostasis.
  • Stress hormones start appearing in the blood.


Heat stress is one of the most important environmental stressors which challenge the poultry farming worldwide. There is a need for poultry heat stroke medicine which helps in lowering the stressful condition. There is a need to fulfill the desired electrolyte balance in the body which helps in lowering the heat stress condition. “Electro Cool” is one of the widely used electrolyte supplement for poultry which consists of essential elements like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium with other vital elements which help in these awful conditions. With the daily use of this feed additive along with the poultry feed helps in maintaining the electrolyte balances in the body and improves the immunity. It prevents dehydration and energizes the body. 

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