Heat Shrink Power Cable jointing kits and their uses in Electrical Wiring

by Yamuna Densons Yamuna Cable Accessories Pvt Ltd
Usually, Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Jointing Kits are made out of solid plastic or rubber that helps in holding a bunch of wires and also sometimes used in sealing the ends of any wire. Hearing of these you might think that the jobs done by these kits are too simple and nothing too much but if you stick to the whole article and read it carefully you will be left with a lot of knowledge about them. These kits are used in wire insulations, environmental guidance and provide abrasion resistance. They also get used in the repair or insulating purposes. Heat shrink tubing is available in different types of chemical options such as thin wall tubing t rigid and heavy wall tubing. So let's talk about them to know a little better.

Several uses of Heat-Shrink Tubing in Electrical Wiring

Basically, the outer layer on the heat shrink cables contains a layer of thermoplastic adhesive that provides the strongest seal to the wires. Heat shrink cables are available in both pre-cut and customized shapes that means if your specific need does not have the perfect shape for it you can go on and cut them according to your needs. Pre-cut ones are better for commercial wiring but when it comes to residential works it better to buy the customized ones. Two very ample examples of heat shrink power cable jointing are Helical antennas and CB radios. Both the types are available in Heat Shrink Cable Joints Manufacturers.

Making Heat-Shrink Power Cable Jointing Accessories

The process of making the Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Jointing Kits are quite complicated but let's break down the process to understand the things that go into them a little better. Often the materials that are used to bind them together is the colourants and the stabilizers. This process creates a hollow underneath the layer that helps in sitting the joint easily. After this, the tube is heated under a vacuum to melt away all the impurities that might be there and by doing this the tube also increases in size. After this process, the tube is kept in a cool temperature so that it can regain its actual size. These are all the process that leads to producing the best kits.

Raw materials used in making Heat Shrink Power Cable Jointing Kits

  • Silicon Rubber is because of its extreme power of durability and flexibility.
  • Vitcon is another type of fluoropolymer that has high chemical resistance power and used in hydraulic equipment as well.
  • PTFE tubes are able to exceptionally handle both high and low temperatures situations.
  • Polyvinylidene fluoride is used in them for applying in high-temperature places.
  • PVC is the most common and mostly used raw materials of them all, as it is cheaper than them all and also because of its holding ability it can hold any colour better.

These materials are one big reason why they are so important in electrical wiring and why Heat Shrink Cable Joints Manufacturers are so important.

So these are all the important things that we thought you might know about Heat shrink power cable jointing kits.

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