Heart Surgery Transplant: Am I Eligible Even After 60

by Rahul Tyagi Team Leader
Heart transplant or cardiac transplant is a medical procedure used to treat patients suffering from end stage cardiac problem or heart failure. The proedure involves the substitution of a damaged heart with a new, healthy and properly working heart obtained from a deceased patient. People of all age groups, be it children or adults, are eligible to undergo the procedure provided they do not suffer from any other medical condition that may increase complications during the surgery. However many doctors and specialists believe that the risk factors start increasing after a person crosses 65 years of age. BLK Hospital provides some of the best facilities for successful heart transplant in India. The hospital is known for its state of art infrastructure and latest technological advancements that have made it possible to perform the most complicated surgeries with ease. The hospital is widely recognised as a centre for the Best Heart Transplant Surgery in India. It has a team of specialists that consists of the leading cardiovascular surgeons of India who have been widely appreciated for their efficiency and hard work.

The heart is most sensitive organ in our body that is responsible for regulating various metabolic activities and circulation off blood loaded with oxygen and other nutrients. Normal functioning of the heart is very essential for the survival of a person and if the heart stops functioning properly it can lead to serious cardiovascular problems and even death. Heart diseases can be present since birth or acquired later in life due unhealthy lifestyle practices or old age. If these problems are not treated on time they can lead to heart failure and even death. Earlier there was no possible way of treating a patient experiencing heart failure and this resulted in a large number of deaths. However, with the latest developments and changes in the field of medical sciences it has now become possible to treat such patients and give them a new chance at life, with the help of a heart transplant surgery.

The surgical procedure involves the substitution of a damaged and dysfunctional heart with a new, healthy heart. The replaced heart is not created artificially but taken from a deceased patient. Before the procedure the doctor conducts all the necessary screenings and tests to ensure that the patient is eligible for the treatment and that there is no other way to cure the patient. Once satisfied with all the reports, the doctor gives a green signal to the patient for the surgery. The patient needs to take certain medications and antibiotics prior to the surgery to avoid any chances of complications and infections during the procedure.

Heart transplant surgery is it open heart surgery in which the patient's chest is cut open. The surgery involves a lot of blood loss and is quite complicated. It requires a very high degree of precision, accuracy and efficiency to perform the procedure. Any carelessness can decrease the success rate of the surgery and increase the chances of its failure.

Heart problems can either be congenital i.e present since birth or acquired. Congenital heart diseases are usually caused by the deformation of the heart during the developmental process. Some of the examples include hole in the heart, enlarged heart or very small heart. Acquired cardiovascular problems are a result of unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle practices that are very common these days. Acquired cardiovascular problems start showing their traces when a person reaches middle age and worsen with time. It is extremely to detect and treat these problems on time in order to avoid serious health issues.

During the procedure, the patient is kept on a ventilator, which helps to perform the task of pumping blood throughout the body until the new heart is in position and ready to bear the work load. The patient is monitored very carefully during the procedure as well as after it, unless he gains consciousness and can be discharged within a week.

Reports show that old people are more vulnerable to experience cardiac failures as their heart is very sensitive and grows weaker with time. The reason behind this can be obesity, unnecessary stress and other underlying medical problems like cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Sometimes acute cardiovascular problems which remain undetected for a long span of time, also result in chronic health issues. Hence it is very important to know all the symptoms related to cardiovascular problems and educate yourself about how to avoid these problems. Some of the major symptoms related to cardiovascular problems include palpitation, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, frequent chest pains ranging from my little chronic, shooting pain in the left arm or shoulder, breaking out into cold sweats, fluctuation of the body temperature, anxiety, restlessness and breathlessness. If you experience any of the following symptoms would should be immediately brought under medical supervision for early detection and cure.

The heart of a person who has crossed 60 years of age is very sensitive and prone to develop cardiovascular problems. If you feel the need of a heart transplant surgery, it is very important to take expert advice. The expert will first make sure that there is no other possible treatment for curing the patient and proceed only if heart transplant is the only option left. The surgery is usually performed of people who have a life expectancy of less than a year. You are an eligible candidate to undergo the procedure if you are in your 60s however the risk factors might slightly increase once you cross 65. Following the prescriptions given by the doctor and living a healthy lifestyle help to increase the success rate of the surgery and minimise the risk factors. Prevalence of problems like diabetes and hypertension may increase complications during the surgery but if you are not suffering from any of these there is no possible reason that can minimise your eligibility to undergo the procedure.

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