Healthy Habits to Inculcate in Your Lifestyle This Year

by Specs C. Buy Designer Glasses & Sunglasses Online
Do you think you have a healthy lifestyle? Is there no scope of adding another healthy habit? If yes, then there might be chances that you are wrong. The one habit that has bothered everyone in 2020 is the high levels of screen time.  A new study has found out that an average office worker spends 1700 hours per year in front of a computer. That is approximately six and a half hours every day. This time does not include their time spent on phones or in front of a TV for entertainment purposes.
Too much screen time can lead to a lot of problems like dry eyes, eye strain, watering of eyes, headaches, and even insomnia. Have you ever thought about why this happens? The reason behind this is we tend to blink a lot less while concentrating on a digital screen. Our blinking rate is reduced to half which is responsible for drying out the eyes.

Healthy Habits to Inculcate This Year

  1. Maintaining Distance - The screen should be kept at an arm's length i.e. 25inches away. Keeping it too close can result in much more eye strain.
  2. Blue Light Glasses - Due to the lockdown, people from all age groups have become addicted to their digital screens for entertainment or for work. It becomes more crucial for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle during these hard times. Blue light glasses can help maintain a healthy vision by blocking the harmful blue rays emitted by digital screens. A trailblazer, blue light glasses block 80-90% of the rays, thus reducing the strain of the eyes. You can easily buy specs online.
  3. 20-20-20 rule - Computer glasses alone cannot help you if you do not want to help yourself. Always remember to follow the 20-20-20 rule. Relaxing the eyes is very important and for that after every twenty minutes of using a digital screen, you should look at an object which is twenty feet away for twenty seconds.
  4. Less Screen time before Bedtime - Not all forms of blue light are bad for the body. The main source of blue light is sunlight. It helps us remain active and attentive during the day. The problem arises when its overexposure through digital screens keep us awake at night. Using digital screens right before the bed can lead to a disturbed sleep schedule resulting in insomnia.  Being awake at odd hours makes us hungry. Reaching out for junk foods and snacks can become the reason for obesity and diabetes. Using computer glasses can help you fight all these problems but a reducing screen time before bed is also recommended.
  5. Lubrication of eyes - Too much screen time can dry out the eyes. Splashing eyes with cold water or using rose water once in a while can help in providing proper lubrication to the eyes.

Apply all these healthy habits to your lifestyle and to enjoy uninterrupted screen time, using blue filter glasses is a must. Specscart is a company that sells glasses online and at its stores in a huge variety. Buying computer glasses can be done easily with or without a prescription. Apart from computer glasses, Specscart sells men's glasses, women's glasses, and sunglasses in all sorts of frames and colors at an economical price. Anti-UV, anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-resistance coatings are pre-added to all glasses without any extra charges. A home eye test can be booked at the website in which the optician comes at your home to conduct the test. Free eye check-ups aided by the NHS are also provided by Specscart. You can order a free home trial of four frames for a week. Nationally, the shipping is free both ways and the international charges are very minimal.

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