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Kids love snacks! Serving them healthy and filling evening snack after spending a long day at school is essential. 

It’s common to hear moms talking about how challenging it is to cook for kids than have a party of adults at home. Though they term it as ‘fussy-eater’, the fact is kids have tantalised taste buds and an enthusiastic appetite to explore a variety of foods. 

Many a time, you might have noticed that even if they don’t like the appearance or presentation of a dish, but when given a bite, they like to try it again!

What are the right snack foods and how to make evening snacks?

Though snacks can be prepared with a variety of foods, the paediatricians recommend the following food categories for healthy snacking among children:

  1. Fruits: Fruits are rich in various minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. They not only build immunity but are great for growing children. If giving fresh fruit, you may:

  • Slice them thinly such as apples, pears and peaches

  • Peel/cut oranges, strawberries, cherries etc. in bite size portion.

  • Use ready-to-eat fruit snack packs (example FRU2go healthy and pure fruit snack packs)

Best time to serve: Fruits make an excellent mid-morning or mid-evening snack due to their low calorie and high satiating property.

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  1. Vegetables: Vegetables are also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Thanks to their high fibre content they keep the stomach full for a longer time. Vegetables can be chopped, boiled or mashed as per the age group of the child. Example:

  • Steamed broccoli, cauliflower

  • Diced turnip, radish

  • Mashed peas

  • Diced and boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and beetroot

  • Boiled and finely-chopped green beans

  • Boiled and coarsely blended spinach

  • Boiled corn

Best time to serve: Vegetables are an ideal evening snack for kids as they act as an appetiser for dinner.

  1. Dried fruits: Dried fruits are an excellent source of instant energy. They are rich in essential fats, proteins and minerals. Kids love dried fruits for their naturally sweet taste. Here’s how to make evening snacks out of dried fruits:

  • Mix and blend dates, cashews and almonds. Roll them into small balls.

  • Finely chopped dates and prunes

  • You may also blend all dry fruits and sprinkle them on custards or as a spread with honey.

Best time to serve: Since dried fruits are rich in fructose (the natural fruit sugar), it tends to make an excellent snack for children for that instant energy any time of the day.

  1. Dairy products: These include milk and milk products. They may also include any milk derivatives but not processed dairy products such as ice creams or packaged milkshakes etc. that are high in sugars. The ideas for evening snacks under dairy products are:

  • Grated and sliced cheese

  • Cottage cheese

  • Fresh yoghurt with fruits

  • Homemade milkshakes with fresh fruits

Best time to serve: Milk product snacks are healthy and complete food in themselves. They can be served as a morning or evening snack.

Today, with an increase in a wide variety of junk foods available in supermarkets and grocery stores, moms are increasingly opting for something healthy and wholesome for their kids to binge on between meals.

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