Health Benefits of Using Air Purifiers

by Neha Gupta Content marketer
The air you breathe indoors has a huge impact on your health and general well-being. You should def-initely buy air purifiers for home use. You can opt to buy air purifiers online and save time and effort. As you wait for the purifier to reach home, you can consider some health benefits it has:

  • The air we breathe usually has a lot of fine dust particles that don't go away on regular cleaning and dusting. If you suffer from asthma, allergies or any upper respiratory tract issues, the slightest dust or allergens can aggravate your symptoms. When you buy a purifier, the filters can help remove the tiniest of particles and keep the air free of allergens. You should look for a purifier that comes with a HEPA filter. A high-efficiency particulate air filter removes any contaminant up to 0.3 microns at an efficiency rate of 99.97 per cent. This means you can breathe easy!
  • Smoke is a major irritant not just for your lungs but also to the eyes. It is best to use a purifier to eliminate cigarette smoke, even if you don't smoke one! We all know the ill-effects of secondary smoking (from someone smoking cigarettes/cigars) - it can lead to harmful health issues like can-cer of the lungs. A simple step such as using a purifier can save you from hazardous diseases or conditions.
  • If you have pets at home, then you are bound to have pet dander around. This doesn't go away after cleaning and usually settles on surfaces or gets into the air we breathe. Using a purifier keeps the air free from pet dander which can cause breathing problems or allergies.
  • Have a baby or an ill person at home? Make sure the air is clean and fresh, so your baby/sick person stays healthy. There are many reasons for poor indoor air quality (IAQ). These are mold, fungi, bac-teria, chemicals or even contaminants that are associated with construction such as glues, paints etc. When you use a purifier, the air is clear of such chemicals and contaminants.
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