Health Benefits of Nature; Healing with nature things

by Justin Allison Writer

We all like nature. Perhaps the white sand beaches of the beach, we missed this or a quiet mountain camp trip.

Maybe we cannot wait to travel in the woods or go to canoeing on the river ... no matter what our priorities are, we all want to live in a certain moment and there are good reasons.

Benefits of Ecotherapy (Nature Therapy/Green Therapy)

It seems that we like to spend time on time, but science has identified some reasons why we really need to spend time in a more natural environment. In fact, there is a term "ecological therapy" that refers to various physical and mental benefits of going out.

Intellectual Benefits or Mental Advantages

A 2009 research showed that a person is close to the green or natural area will surely have a good health condition. In fact, the closest people in parks, nature stores or wild areas are less likely to suffer from worries or despairing.

Courage or Mental Pressure Benefits

Some cases analysis has shown that incidents of cortisol, heart rate, and blood pressure were far less in people who had hiking or resting in the jungle.


A study conducted, the University of Illinois has shown that children with ADD / ADHD have reduced the symptoms of open-air assassination (it is related to the low theory that these diseases are at least partially "damaged" Are) as expected, the time spent in nature is not a silver ball for children with ADD / ADHD, but it is advisable to spend some time outside.

Sleep Improvements & Longevity

Other investigations have laid out that those who have spent normal time in nature have improved sleep frequency, improved immune system function, and low frequency of stress related affection.

All over things can be the cause of longevity of normal gardeners, and the routine of "bath in the forest" (time spent in the woods) has become popular in Japan and in some cases, covered by regulation and medical plans.

Why it’s so valuable?

There are many factors that can contribute to health benefits (though real benefits can still be irrelevant, we may feel comfortable but cannot explain it)

How staying outside makes you “Healthful”

Have you been locked in a room for a long time and just felt necessary to go out? It has been found that there are some health reasons in this desire, including

  •           Vitamin D: One of the reasons for outdoor health promotion is due to exposure to sun produced by vitamin D. This important hormone is the cause of many aspects of general health.
  •           Exercise: While the nature of the time spent in nature does not need to drive in the forest, but just sit there, most natural experiences involve some form of exercise. (From rock climbing, swimming, hiking, a canoeing, most forms of outdoor activity also include movement.)
  •           Grounding: This natural advantage has created some controversy in modern medicine, and my post commented on a wide range of comments, people who are doing their best.
  •           Fresh Air: Indoor air is generally 70 times more polluted than the outer air. We bring home with air insulation, doors and windows, and large quantities of chemicals and plastic, most people come in contact with 6,000 chemicals.
  •           Eye Health: This is a surprising advantage of spending time often and becoming more and more important. We have seen an increase in vision problems, especially for children. One possible reason is that many of us spend on everyday computers or TV screens.

So these are the benefits a human body can absorb from nature, you may also read my article on Vitamin d deficiency symptoms

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