Health Benefits of Getting Dental Bridges

by Wise Dental Best Dental Clinic in Bridgeport, TX

Cosmetic dental procedures serve two purposes - the key aspect is to correct the issue that negatively impacts your oral health and the second aspect is to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Missing teeth or gaps in smile could dramatically affect the quality of your life. According to cosmetic dentists in Bridgeport, the gaps could make it difficult to bite, chew, speak, or feel confident. Over time, the gap could cause the adjacent teeth to move towards the empty space and cause deterioration of jaw bone.

Dental bridge is a perfect solution to fill in the gap of the missing tooth with a cosmetic tooth that looks and feels like your natural tooth. In this post, we will share some amazing health benefits of dental bridges and how it helps in improving your dental health.

  • Restore your smile 

A healthy and beautiful smile is simply priceless. As missing teeth affect the smile and the bite of a person, a lot of people start feeling conscious and would avoid smiling freely in public. Dental bridges fix your smile making the person feel confident again.

  • Improves chewing style

Due to missing teeth, you may have to ditch your favorite food items that are a little chewy or sugary as it might cause you pain. Due to the gap in the mouth, the surrounding teeth tend to shift in empty space which might cause pain while chewing or biting. There are also chances of accumulation of food particles in the empty space which could further lead to gum damage. Dental bridge alleviates the pain and improves your chewing which allows you to enjoy your favorite food again.

  • Enhanced appearance 

Jawbone starts to deteriorate when tooth loss occurs. This is because the roots of the tooth are responsible for stimulating the bone cells in the jawbone. Hence, when the tooth falls off this stimulation stunts/stops, causing the jawbone to deteriorate. This could affect your facial appearance and shape. Bridges would fill in the gap and eventually enhances the overall appearance. Isn’t this enough reason to consider dental bridges in Bridgeport?

  • Improves speaking

Losing multiple teeth may cause you serious difficulty in speaking or pronouncing certain words. To fix this, you need to address the tooth loss that caused speech impediment in the first place. Your teeth play a very important role in how you form and speak words. To understand what we are trying to say, try speaking something and observe how many times your tongue or lips come in contact with teeth while speaking words out of your mouth. Dental bridges could fix the problems in speech caused due to the loss of teeth.

  •  Prevents teeth shift and misalignment

Tooth roots present under the surface of your gums hold the tooth in place. The nearby teeth are also responsible for keeping the tooth in its place. After tooth loss, the nearby teeth tend to tilt in the empty space causing misalignment. The shifting of teeth often leads to problems with eating and cleaning your mouth which negatively impacts oral health. Dental bridges help prevent the shifting of teeth by filling the space with artificial counterparts.


If you are interested in learning more about dental bridges, feel free to get in touch with our expert orthodontist in Bridgeport who has a reputation for extending the highest level of dental care to patients. 

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