Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil You Should Know

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Olive oil has made its way into thousands of kitchens since long. Well, you must be interested to know about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. This variant of olive oil is far more nutritious, as it contains a good proportion of fat. In fact, fat forms one of the three macro-nutrients that make large parts of the human bodies. Without fats in the diet, humans would be unable to absorb most of the vitamins. Besides, extra virgin olive oil can be effective in fighting stress, minimizing mental fatigue and enhance mood swings. Apart from this, it can help people manage their weight.

Nutritional benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dieticians acknowledge that all fats are not bad. For instance, extra virgin olive oil has a good proportion of fat, which can actually benefit your health. You can now buy virgin olive oil India from the online portals. According to the FDA, having 2 tablespoons of this oil on a daily basis can minimize the risks of heart diseases, as its fat content is monosaturated. It is also good in polyphenol content, which serves as antioxidants and helps the body to cope up with the oxidative stress. It also contains a small amount of Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, which keeps your brain in good health.

Apart from this, extra virgin olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, the tocopherols, that maintains the health of your skin. Have a look into the different health benefits:

Maintaining Heart Health
With age, your heart undergoes a natural deterioration process. According to experts, consuming monosaturated fats can improve the endothelial operation of the arteries, particularly in elderly people. Extra virgin olive oil can serve this purpose well.

Maintaining proper Blood Pressure
Consuming extra virgin olive oil can decrease both diastolic and systolic bold pressure. A research reveals that four tablespoons of this oil, when consumed on a daily basis, can reduce the medication of blood pressure in patients.

Lowering Cholesterol Level
Well, if you are suffering from high cholesterol level in blood, you can benefit from simply two tablespoons of this oil on a daily basis. This can reduce endothelial and LDL cholesterol in the blood. It also helps the body to maintain an optimal balance between HDL and LDL.

Optimal Brain Health
Extra virgin olive oil contains a polyphenol called oleocanthal. It can fight the decreasing power of brain, that occurs due to ageing. Besides, it can treat Alzheimer’s disease, while fighting the oxidative stress that arises during this time.
Apart from these, extra virgin olive oil can help you fight mental stress and depression. It is an effective remedy for all sorts of mental illness, as cell membranes contain fat as a major component. It pads the cells and organs, besides providing nerve insulations. You can buy extra virgin olive oil in India from the online portals and include it in your diet. You may also speak to your dietician and consume it in the right proportions.

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