Have a look at the super cool features of the Glance smart lock screen!

by Rushikesh P. Innovative Tech Writer

If you have a Xiaomi/Redmi/MI or Realme, Samsung, Oppo or Vivo Android phone, chances are, you will have been using the Glance Smart Lock Screen! Most people who have a Glance phone love it as it adds a lot of value to their daily experience. If you really want to know how to remove the Glance Smart Lock Screen, we'll show you how, but's NOT just a wallpaper carousel, it's a LOT more than that! Check this out:

What is Glance Smart Lock Screen?

What you might think of as just a Glance wallpaper is actually – wait for it – a Smart Lock Screen! That means you have a smartphone that comes enabled with a lock screen that's also smart. Instead of having to unlock your phone and navigate through various screens and apps, Glance allows you to do all this right on your smart lock screen. This can save you time and make it easier to stay on top of things. How awesome is that!

Here's a fact: what you might call Glance wallpaper is far from a passive lock screen that simply changes your wallpapers – every single time you lock your phone, you are guaranteed to see something that will excite you, intrigue you, or bring a smile to your face! In other words, you can personalize and choose your favourite categories like trends, sports, etc. to see more of what you love on your phone. You can also see all this in your preferred languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and lots more.

What are the features of Glance Smart Lock Screen?

Your Glance Smart Lock Screen lets you participate in LIVE entertainment shows, with celebs, creators, and lakhs of other users who also have Glance enabled on their phones. More than just a wallpaper, right?

But wait, there's even more! Glance Smart Lock Screen lets you know the latest trends and current events, right as they happen, without unlocking your phone. And if you're a fan of sports like cricket, football, or others, you'll never miss another exciting moment. You can not only stay updated about your favourite sports but also get a chance to see sports legends LIVE!

Any chance you're a gamer reading this? Then do we have a treat for you! Glance Smart Lock Screen has more than 500 free games, and the best part is, you don't need to download even a single one. That means you save data and have just as much fun, whenever you want, without even unlocking your phone once. And did we mention LIVE streams of top gaming tournaments? That's the cherry on top of the dinner for winners like you!

Or maybe you prefer shopping as a way to unwind after a long, tiring day, or even a long, boring meeting at work, or a long, snoring lecture in class. Then with Glance Smart Lock Screen, you can discover the hottest trends, the coolest accessories and merch, and buy directly from the most popular creators like EK by Ekta Kapoor, Dcraf by Rana Daggubati and so many others. Is that cool or what?

Now let's bust some myths that might cause people to ask how to remove Glance wallpaper without even knowing that it's actually a Smart Lock Screen:

Myth 1: Glance is a wallpaper app that drains your battery

BUSTED: Not true! Firstly, Glance is a Smart Lock Screen and not a wallpaper app. Secondly, Glance consumes very little battery power on your phone. The nail in the coffin of this myth is this: you can also turn on a battery-saver feature on Glance! This will keep your battery consumption super low while you enjoy all that is available on your smart lock screen!

Myth 2: Children or anyone who finds my phone can play games on Glance wallpaper app without my permission

BUSTED: We've already disproved the myth about Glance wallpaper app and you now know that your phone actually has a Smart Lock Screen! As for the other thing, Glance has a unique child-lock feature that prevents your Smart Lock Screen from being used by someone else without your approval and permission. So you can put your mind at ease on this matter!

Still wondering how to remove 'Glance wallpaper' even after what we've told you above? OK, we will respect your choice even though we'll miss you! Here's how you do it:

How to Disable Glance Smart Lock Screen?

Disable Glance on Xiaomi

Settings --> Lockscreen --> Glance for Mi --> Turn OFF

Disable Glance on Realme

Settings --> Home screen & Lockscreen --> Glance for realme --> Turn OFF

But you know what? We feel optimistic that you'll come back to your Glance Smart Lock Screen again, and when you do, we’ll make it easy for you to enable it again.

The truth is that Glance Smart Lock Screen is used daily by millions of people just like you. 220 million around the world, to be precise! And Glance Smart Lock Screen is available in India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia too, with more countries on their way. So – Glance is not a wallpaper app, but a Smart Lock Screen, and you'll love it, is our point!

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