Has Ineffective Office Cleaning Made Your Workplace Unhealthy?

by Micheal M. Writer

Flu and cold season have arrived, and it is more than just inconvenience for workplaces across the country. Combination of bad office cleaning services and poor hand hygiene creates a crisis in the office setting.

Employees come to the workplace even when they are sick, carrying germs; sickness might feel like it is unavoidable for the average UK worker. Likewise, kids bring home germs from school, spreading illness to the whole family, including adults who carry the germs to work with them.

Of course, the other thing can happen too when they carry germs from work to home. It is estimated the lost productive time in the US alone will cost employers $225.8 billion dollars each year.

Disinfecting, Cleaning And Sanitizing

You may think that someone cleans your building regularly. Surely that isn’t sufficient to keep germs and viruses at bay. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Let us look at the differences between disinfecting, cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Disinfecting- When you utilize chemicals for killing germs on objects as well as surfaces, you are disinfecting. But just disinfecting doesn’t guarantee for removing debris, dirt and germs, though it will reduce the risk of germ spreading within the office.

  • Cleaning- the process removes impurities, dirt and germs from the surface and objects in the office with the mix of detergent and water. Office cleaning services help remove germs, but can kill germs. Cleaning may be sufficient in some parts of office building, but wont cut during flu and cold season.

  • Sanitizing- sanitizing takes place when you have destroyed 99.99% bacteria as per EPA’s Official Detergent Sanitizer Test. Disinfectants kill bacteria within ten minutes. Sanitizing is definitely needed in office places that come in contact with food. It ensures that every surface is thoroughly clean.

Office Hot Spot Cleaning

Office cleaning service stresses over cleaning during cold and flu season. After all, it makes sense to step up office cleaning game to include disinfecting all surfaces, especially the hot spots.

These places get cleaned frequently by people, including bathroom fixtures, light switches, door knobs and phone along with equipment such as calculators, computer keyboards and more.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

Well- trained professionals understand how cross-contamination is a factor in ineffective cleaning and undertakes steps that ensure it won’t happen in office cleaning.

Moreover, cross-contamination takes place when the cleaner removes bacteria from a highly concentrated area to another area, low concentrated area where humans can get exposed to it.

How can you avoid it? one of the ways is to keep the workplace clean, always. Hire office cleaning services expert who can offer you the right service to prevent contamination.

Proactivity Is Essential

The best way for preventing an office-wide outbreak is engaging a proactive cleaning service provider. They will take necessary measures to reduce germs and help keep the staff healthy. 

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