Halloween Costume Contact Lenses FAQ

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Do you want to accentuate your Halloween look by pairing it up with your costume and contact lenses? If yes, then you should know some important things before buying your scary pair of special effect contacts for their safe use. Here we have answered some questions to clear your doubts regarding costume contact lenses.

  1. Can I see after wearing costume lenses

Yes, there is a hole in the center of special effect lenses so that wearer can easily see. White-outs, frost and other designs are exceptions where you have to hide the pupils.

  1. Do costume contact lenses come with or without corrective power?

If you have good vision then you can buy special effect lenses with zero power (Plano lenses). However, there are some special types of collection that come with corrective power as well that include costume lenses. Normally, only minus corrective power lenses are available which never go farther than-6.

  1. Are Halloween contact lenses comfortable to wear?

If you are using high quality contact lenses like wild eyes or crazy lenses then you feel comfortable to wear them in your eyes. But don’t think that you won’t feel the lenses at all especially if you are not wearing normal contact lenses. This happens because opaque color layer of the costume contact lenses will block the flow of oxygen to your eyes and you might feel irritating after few hours of wearing them. Therefore maximum eight hour is recommended for wearing these lenses.

  1. How long costume lenses last?

Mostly special effect lenses last for a year. If you are not wearing your lenses every day and do proper care of them then branded lenses can last up to 18 months. On the other hand, monthly disposable crazy lenses can be used for 30 days. These are great option to choose during Halloween when you want to dress up like scary characters. They are comparatively cheaper than yearly lenses.

  1. Are there any health risks associated with Halloween lenses?

There are lots of warnings provided from FDA about wearing Halloween contact lenses. However, most of the problems arise when people don’t follow the simple instructions related to contact lenses use. Important points to consider are:-

  • Consult an optometrist before buying contact lenses. These lenses come in different sizes so that the doctor has to measure your eyes for best fit

  • Always buy costume contact lenses from registered retailers or online store. Never buy them from any beauty salon or unauthorized store.

  • Wash your hands before handling the lenses

  • Never share you lenses with anyone as you can pick up eye infection

  • Don’t use damaged lenses

  • Carry your lenses in lens case filled with solution

  • Never sleep while wearing contact lenses

If you follow these simple rules, your special effects lenses will never give you any health problems.

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