Halal breakfast

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Halal breakfast

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As we celebrate the official launch of Halal breakfast, I would like to talk about Vietnam savory dumplings which are otherwise better known as the much-beloved Banh Bot Loc. What's a good way to start if not by talking about everyone's favorite appetizers?

Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia are among the very few countries in Southeast Asia that are known for their variety of street food. Vietnam, in particular, is famous for its diverse and balanced cuisine such as Pho and Banh Mi. As one walks across any market street, you can find in Vietnam, you will always be surprised with new discoveries of food. Some cuisines come in tiny sizes while some are rather large in proportion. Most importantly, a majority of these street foods are colorful enough to attract someone's attention even from a distance.

One of the street food, in particular, is Banh bot loc -- small translucent-Esque savory dumpling that is stuffed with all kinds of fillings. It is chewy to the bite and usually served with sweet chili fish sauce.  This dish is said to have originated from Hue, a city that used to be the imperial capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen dynasty.

The fillings of the common Banh bot loc varies depending on the recipes used. However, it is usually filled with shrimp and pork belly and often garnished with fried shallots. For a fancier and luxurious version, some may include thinly sliced chili, coriander, mushrooms, as well as onions.

The preparation of this dish is not limited to just a singular method. Banh bot loc can either be steamed or boiled with an optional step of taking it further through the usage of banana leaf as its wrapping. It is interesting to note that the name for this dish would be slightly different when the wrapping of the banana leaf is involved. If the dumplings are not wrapped with banana leaf, it is called banh bot loc tran, and such is also the case if this dish is wrapped with banana leaf, thus giving its name to banh bot loc la.

What makes banh bot loc truly a favored dish among many would be none other than its rich flavor which is uniquely created through the combination of various fillings into small bite-sized appetizers. If you ever have the chance to come across Vietnam cuisines, the banh bot loc is definitely a dish that you must order.

Sempena pelancaran laman web Halal breakfast, saya ingin bercerita tentang salah satu hidangan berasal dari dari Vietnam, Banh Bot Loc. Banh Bot Loc adalah ladu yang berintikan udang dan sayur-sayuran. Bagi penggemar Makanan Vietnam, hidangan ini merupakan salah satu hidangan pembuka selera yang popular dikalangan masyarakat Vietnam.

Vietnam, Thailand dan Indonesia merupakan antara negara-negara terkenal di Asia Tenggara yang menyajian bermacam jenis makanan jalan. Terdapat pelbagai jenis makanan yang dijual oleh penjaja-penjaja makanan. Vietnam secara khususnya amat terkenal dengan hidangan yang seimbang seperti Pho dan Banh Mi. Jalan-jalan di Vietnam dipenuhi dengan warung-warung yg menyediakan pelbagai jenis makanan yang sekaligus mampu menarik minat peminat-peminat makanan untuk mencuba hidangan yang disediakan.

Banh Bot Loc merupakan salah satu hidangan yang popular di kalangan masyarakat Vietnam. Ladu ini kebiasaannye mempunya inti yang berlainan mengikut citarasa penjual dan mempunya tekstur yang kenyal apabila digigit. Banh Bot Loc selalu dihindang Bersama Sos cili yang dicampur Bersama sos ikan. Asas usul hidangan ini adalah dari Bandar Hue, yang merupakan pusat bandar Vietnam semasa Dinasti Nguyen.

Kebiasaanya, ini yang digunakan untuk Banh Bot Loc bergantung dengan resipi yang gunakan, namun kebanyakannya menggunakan campuran Undang dan Daging serta bawang goreng. Untuk hidangan yang lebih enak, potongan cili, ketumbar, cendawan dan bawang juga digunakan.

Terdapat pelbagai cara untuk memasak hidangan ini, iaitu secara kukus ataupun rebus. Daun pisang juga boleh digunakan semasa mengukus Banh Bot Loc. Satu fakta menarik lagi ialah, sekiranya Banh Bot Loc dikukus menggunakan Daun Pisang, ianya akan dipangging Banh Bot Loc Tran atau sekiranya Banh Bot Loc dibungkus menggunakan Daun Pisang sebelum dihidang ianya akan dipanggil Banh Bot Loc La. Menarik!

Apa yang menjadikan Banh Bo Loc sebagai satu hidangan istimewa daripapda Vietnam adalah rasanya yang sangat unik. Rasa unik ini terhasil daripada gabungan pelbagai jenis inti yang digunakan dan dijadikan dalam satu ladu yang padat sesuai sebagai pembuka selera. Sekiranya anda berkesempatan untuk mencuba hidangan Vietnam, Banh Bot Loc adalah satu hidangan yang anda perlu rasa.


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