Habits you will Pick up While Living in Germany

by Study Feeds German Language Institute in Delhi

Are you planning to study in Germany for your higher education? If yes, then apart from enrolling yourself in one of the best German language institutes in Delhi, make yourself ready to pick the topmost habits of Germany.

1.    Empty bottles on the street

It might seem like an annoying behaviour to leave the trash wide open on the road, but it is a fact that the Germans leave empty bottles on the street. However, the reason behind doing so is not because they are ill-mannered. The true reason for doing so is to help people earn money. In Germany, you can collect empty bottles and go to any supermarket. There, a machine sucks up the empty bottles and pays you cash for doing such an eco-friendly job.

2.    Sleeping on the floor

There is no shame in sleeping on the floor at all. Many people in a lot of countries do the same. However, when a high-class country like Germany is fond of sleeping on the floor, then you find it too hard to be true. But, in reality, it is true that the Germans sleep on the floor without any inhibitions whatsoever.

3.    Complaining about public conveyance

The first thing you must know is that German public transport services are excellent as it is most probably always on time. Now, you must be wondering why a complaint about German public transportation then? Well! It is quite amusing but true that if you hail from a country where there is no fixed time of public transport, you don’t complain much about it because you get used to it. However, if you shift to Germany and get accustomed to the fixed timetable of public conveyance, and by chance, public transport is late by even a minute, you start complaining about the public transportation of Germany.

4.    Carrying cash

Almost in every country, you can easily use your debit or credit cards is not just big shopping malls but also in small-scale shops as well. However, in Germany, even the well-organized bars, restaurants, etc. deny accepting payment through the card. In fact, it is like a mandatory thing to purchase whatever you want through cash only. At first, you might feel quite irritated for doing such a thing in today’s digitized world, but, gradually you will get used to it

5.    Weird understanding of warmth

In general, during the summertime, when we see the Sun shining brightly in the sky which makes us feel hot and humid, we say that the weather is warm. However, in Germany, even if there is strong winds blowing making you feel quite cold and comfortable, the weather will still be looked upon as warm just because it is the time of summer. So weird, isn’t it?


It is quite possible that you will adopt the above-mentioned habits while living in Germany, so be ready for the same. In addition, do not forget to take a German language course in CP as these are professionals who will prepare you for all your German education needs.

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