Gut Health Matters – You Can Avoid Stomach Issues By Eating The Right Food

by Laura P. Consultant
You suddenly develop severe pain in your abdomen which is so powerful that it wakes you up from sleep. You wonder what the reason could be and become unsure of what to do at the late hour.

You are aware everyone experiences a bad tummy and indigestion or dyspepsia sometimes after a meal. Usually this is of no concern. It gets addressed by using any one of the home remedies.

You can try out cloves, cumin, cinnamon, figs, or basil. Or maybe over-the-counter anti-flatulence medication could help.

But see a doctor if any of the following symptoms is present:

• Fever
• Blood in vomit
• Difficulty swallowing
• Pain while urinating
• A lump in the stomach 
• Bloody stool

In case this problem has occurred at odd hours, a quick visit to the nearest urgent care facility makes sense. Doctors in Arlington VA urgent care will see you in quick time with no appointment needed.

In a non-life threatening emergency, immediate medical attention is best sought in an urgent care facility. All you need to do is walk in.  Walk in clinic Arlington VA is the best alternative to visiting a hospital. 

The doctors in an urgent care facility are well-versed to treat a variety of diseases in all age groups. So in case you suffer a severe stomachache with any of the crucial symptoms, visit a walk-in straightway.

The doctor may evaluate whether you have stomach ulcers or sores in the lining of your stomach. 

In the usual course, the stomach produces robust acid to help digest food. To safeguard body tissues from this acid, the stomach secretes a thick layer of mucus. When this layer gets worn, this acid damages the stomach tissue and you may get an ulcer. 

According to one of the doctors in Arlington VA, stomach ulcers are easy to treat provided you attend to them soon enough. Left untreated, they say, you may suffer significant problems. 

Indiscriminate use of NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID) drugs carries the risk of getting ulcers. The risk is higher when such medication is taken for an extended period of time. A good bet is to avoid buying over-the-counter medication arbitrarily, and talk to a doctor before consuming them.

Remember - gut health matters

Your gut or digestive system plays a very important role. It digests the food you eat and absorbs nutrients, which it turn, sustains your body. 

“The gut plays a key role in your well-being”, says a doctor at a walk in clinic Arlington VA. “It is a strategic player in our immune system, because over 70 percent of immune cell reside in our gut”.

Ulcers are common, but that does not mean you can have them. Stay as healthy as you can by preventing ulcers. 

You can try including the following in your diet:

• Probiotics – Food with probiotics include yoghurt, soft cheeses, sourdough bread, kefir, and sour pickles, and others 
• Fermented foods
• Broccoli
• Berries 
• Honey 

Avoid acidic foods, alcohol, and fried foods. 

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