Guide To Finding The Right Sized Cars For Rent

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Rental car services have made it easy to travel to any part of the city. You can book a taxi using your smartphone and reach your destination safely. The best car rental companies have a large fleet of vehicles of various sizes. So, which car size should you choose while making a reservation? The right car size ensures your comfort throughout the journey. There is no need to book a big, spacious car for 1 or 2 passengers. On the contrary, a small car for a large group of passengers causes discomfort. Before booking a van or black diamond taxi Lethbridge, go through a brief guide.

When Should You Choose A Mini Car For Rent?

The term ‘mini’ always denotes something small. So, mini cars accommodate 3 to 4 passengers and a driver. You can book this mini car for a short-distance ride. However, if you need a long-distance ride, it is better to avoid having more than 2 passengers in the mini car.

Daily commuters in Lethbridge often book this vehicle due to its fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness. One downside of this car is its lack of luggage space. Besides, tall passengers may feel discomfort if the car ride continues for long hours.

You can talk to customer service representatives of the car rental agency to know whether this vehicle is suitable for your needs.

Who Should Book A Minivan? 

Minivans are regular vans designed to accommodate passengers instead of cargo. Some minivans have seats for 5 to 9 people. Many companies choose these rental vans for corporate trips. However, you can also book these vans for a long-distance group trip with your friends or family. A minivan provides you with considerable luggage space. However, this bulky vehicle can move through only highways and paved roads.

Is A Standard Car Good For Rent?

Standard vehicle size is a perfect choice if you have planned a long road trip. High fuel efficiency is one of the biggest advantages of renting this car. A standard car accommodates only 4 to 5 people. As the size is comparatively small, the rental cost is low.

But, one demerit of this classic car is that it does not have space to store multiple luggage bags. You can fit only 2 small bags and 2 suitcases into this vehicle. 

Consult the professional team to learn more about the dimension of these standard cars.

Know About The Features Of Full-Size Cars-

You can opt for a full-size model if you want the largest car. However, do not confuse it with vans and trucks. With a full-size car, you will get significant luggage space. Book this vehicle for a long ride that comprises 4 to 5 people.

Make sure you have a slightly higher budget if you book full-size cars. These large vehicles are not much fuel-efficient, and thus, the rental charge is costlier. You should learn about every detail of the dimension before reserving the vehicle.

What Are Intermediate-Sized Cars?

Choose a mid-sized car if your travel partners do not have big luggage bags. This vehicle comfortably accommodates 4 passengers, though the cargo space is limited. Intermediate-size cars are best for 2 passengers in case of a long trip. If it is a short trip, the vehicle holds almost 4 persons. 

 The rental charge for this fuel-efficient car is affordable. Remember that mid-size cars are smaller than standard vehicles. 

Do You Need A Luxury Car?

You might have experienced a ride in a 5-seat passenger car. Some cars are available with luxurious interiors and special features. For instance, you will get an air-conditioned interior, Wi-Fi, built-in screens, cozy seats, and a good amount of legroom. Found in different sizes, luxury cars give you the ultimate comfort. So, if you want to pamper yourself during the ride, you may book a luxury vehicle. Due to extra amenities, you need to pay a slightly higher amount.

Know About Premium Cars-

Premium cars are intermediates between regular and luxury cars. You will enjoy a smoother ride without investing a high amount. Most premium vehicles have a capacity of holding up to 5 passengers. The cargo space fits only 2 small and large bags. Many corporate clients prefer premium and luxury cars when they attend conferences. 


Most taxi-booking apps and websites provide an option for choosing the vehicle type during reservation. You should understand the size and design details of the available cars to choose the right one for rent. The best companies have a professional team to guide you in selecting a suitable vehicle. Regular cars are perfect for those who have a tight budget. On the other hand, there are high-end luxury car rentals with a higher price tag. However, distance and other factors also affect the overall rental charge.

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