Guide on Understanding And Selecting The Right E Liquid For You

by Tamara S. Consultant

Electronic cigarettes are getting popular like crazy today with demand growing by leaps and bounds. Thus it constantly has new customers joining in every day. For all those just venturing into the vaping world, their foremost challenge is selecting the right nicotine e-liquid of the right strength as it is the game changer of your entire e-cig experience. With mindboggling choices of flavors and strength, it becomes a real Pandora box to first-time users. To make things easy for you, consultants from Simply e-Liquid present below some vital information and tips to help you choose the right e-liquid of the right strength.

What exactly is nicotine e-liquid made of?

Most of the latest e-liquid available in the market is formulated of nicotine, Vegetable Glycerin (VG),

Propylene Glycol (PG) and a huge range of flavorings. They are available in bottles of varying volumes like 5ml, 10 ml, etc. to be filled inside the e-cigs and enjoyed.

How safe are e-liquids?

With the precise execution of the manufacturer's instructions and proper handling, e-liquids are quite safe. However, none can claim it to be healthier than tobacco smoking as there is no authentic study and proof present to validate that less tobacco, nicotine and fewer chemicals eliminate the risk to your health. Their best merit is that they neither contain nor produce carbon monoxide, tar, and other harmful chemicals.

Why is it important to select the right strength of the e-liquid?

Your entire vaping experience depends on selecting the right strength of the e-liquid which is decided by the different strength of nicotine in it. The right strength will facilitate an easy and enjoyable transition from the traditional cigarettes to the e-cigs. In case your e-liquid is of lower strength than required will lead you to have higher nicotine cravings which can lead you to heavy smoking than desired. Similarly, a higher strength can lead to a more intensifying experience, hitting your throat directly and overloading your body and leaving you with a nauseous and sick experience. This can take you off e-vaping. It is only the right strength that can give you a relaxing and satisfy vaping experience.

Tips on selecting the right e-liquid

Now that we know all about the basics of e-liquids let's throw light on some important considerations which should be in your mind when you select your e-liquid.

Opt only for reputable brands

While the basic ingredients of all e-liquid are same, they are not created equal. Instead of opting for the cheap Chinese makes or substandard DIY homebrews, it is smarter to stick to high-quality e-liquid made by a reputed brand which has only USP-grade PG/VG and laboratory-grade nicotine. Good and reliable quality of ingredients used and the e-liquid formulated under the best of hygiene conditions can offer you maximum health safeguard.

Nicotine strength

We have already discussed the importance of the right nicotine strength of e-liquid. What's a bonus is that they are highly customizable and can be adjusted to your needs? Normally, the nicotine strength varies from 0 mg to 36 mg. Most shop owners can assist you in selecting the right strength after understanding the level of smoker that you are.

Personal taste

Selecting the right flavor is simply a matter of personal choice and taste. Some prefer their original cigarette flavors; some prefer the various alcoholic flavors choices available like that of whiskey, beer, cognac or any other flavors. Still, others prefer the fruits, beverages flavor, etc. Since the list is endless, one can be free to sample many flavors and decide on what they like. Again many companies offer sampling sizes. Initially, it's best to opt for those so that you can decide which flavor gives you maximum pleasure.

Once you have nailed the right brand and the right strength, you can be confident of enjoying a vaping experience that is beyond the world.

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