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by Ben Wane Consultant

A Brokerage Calculator is a tool that is found online provided by brokers and investment platforms. Moreover, it helps the traders to calculate the brokerage fees that they will be charged in advance without actually carrying out the whole trade. The trader can have an idea in advance of the brokerage and then think if he/she wants to continue with the trade or not to start it at all. Brokerage calculators help to calculate and compare charges of different brokers for a better customer experience. 

The brokerage calculator is not just available for calculating brokerage but also many other fees. Charges like GST, STT, SEBI turnover fee, transaction fees, and stamp duty charges. Moreover, brokerage calculators make the process simpler and affect the trade positively. There is transparency established between the broker and trader in terms of knowing brokerage charges. To compute the cost of trading the trader needs to input these pieces of information in the brokerage calculator:

  • Size of the lot for Options trading

  • The selling price of the stock

  • The buying price of the stock

  • State (for the stamp duty)

  • Number of shares/stocks to be sold or bought

The information provided by the brokerage calculator is accurate and instantly available. In addition to that, it is a speedy process and times your trading in a perfect manner. It is best for intraday traders as even they can use it for the same purpose of calculated brokerage. They can take a quick moment before trading and look up the charges before buying and selling stocks. It will avoid any mistake and the trader will have a clear idea of what he is getting himself into.

Groww Brokerage Calculator is an essential tool that helps an investor to be smarter while investing. Groww Calculator shows actual profit and provides a great sense of analysis. It can help you to make your decision more powerful by knowing the charges in advance. 

Factors that Determine Brokerage Calculation

Factors on which brokerage calculation depends are:

  • Type of the Broker

There two main types of traders: 

  • Full-service Brokers: Full-service brokers are expensive ones as they provide many more services than a regular broker. They provide services like managing sales, giving advice, proper research, and much more. 

  • Discount Brokers: Discount Brokers are not that expensive as they simply provide a platform for trading and nothing else.

  • Volume

The volume of transactions is a factor that affects brokerage calculation. Additionally, a larger volume of the transaction will result in a higher brokerage. Moreover, some brokers reduce the percentage of commission when the trader invests in a large quantity or higher volume. 

  • Price

One of the main factors for brokerage commission is the buying and selling price of a single stock. The price of the stock is directly proportional to the brokerage.

What are the benefits of using Groww Brokerage Calculator?

  • Free of Charge to use

  • All costs are taken into account

  • Gives you a clear vision of all charges and brokerage

  • Used to calculate many different types of fees

  • Provides accurate results in no time

  • Easy to compare charges with other brokers

Other Calculators Groww offer for calculation

Other than the charges mentioned above in this article, there are other calculators provided by Groww that are:

  • SIP Calculator

  • Lumpsum Calculator

  • Systematic Withdrawals Plan Calculator

  • Mutual Fund Return calculator

  • Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) Calculator

  • Public Provident fund (PPF) Calculator

  • Employee’s Provident Funds Calculator

  • Fixed Deposits Calculator

  • Recurring Deposit Calculator

  • National Pension Scheme Calculator

  • House Rent Allowance Calculator

  • Retirement Calculator

  • EMI Calculator

  • A car loan EMI Calculator

  • Home loan EMI Calculator


Groww Brokerage Calculator is a useful tool for any trader with many options for checking the charges. It will help you have a blueprint of all the charges that will occur while doing that transaction with accuracy. You can see the exact charges that will incur and how much profit you will get after the transaction is completed. A single tool like Groww Brokerage Calculator can be very helpful and your decision will make more sense. 

FAQs Related to Groww Brokerage Calculator

  1. Can I as an investor calculate Equity Delivery Brokerage?

Answer: Yes, an investor can calculate Equity Delivery Brokerage via Groww Brokerage Calculator. Moreover, it will provide an easy way for you to check the charges in which trade you want to go for. In addition to that, Groww Brokerage Calculator helps to compute charges like tax and brokerages. If you want to calculate Equity Delivery Brokerage select the correct option and you will get your desired result.

  1. What other fees or charges can be calculated?

Answer: Other charges that can be calculated using the Groww Brokerage Calculator are:

  • Brokerage

  • GST

  • SEBI Turnover Fees

  • STT

  • Stamp Duty

  • Transaction Charges

All these charges are taken into account to provide the final profit or loss that will occur out of the transaction.

  1. Is there any benefit of using a brokerage Calculator?

Answer: Yes, there are many benefits of using Groww Brokerage Calculator as it makes the process simple and decision-making easy. It saves your time as you do not have to do any math or do any research as the values are right in front of you provided by the Groww Brokerage Calculator. 

  1. How will I be able to calculate my brokerage?

Answer: You need to select correct options and input all information as asked by the calculator for having accurate results to know your brokerage charges.

  1. Does the Calculator provide Accurate results?

Answer: Yes, Groww Brokerage Calculator has high accuracy and has all the charges embedded in it that will help any investor have a simple process. Moreover, the accuracy will benefit the user and save time as no calculation is required by the trader. The trader has to just focus on his game of trading and assign the calculation part to Groww Brokerage Calculator. If the numbers that are filled in by you are right, you will receive accurate results without a doubt. 

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