Growth Hacking Strategies Startups need Today

by Gaurav Lakhani Growth Hacking Agency

Customer acquisition, developing new products, acquiring perfect balance in the market, growing the organization and others are the goals if some individual or an entrepreneur starting a new business or a company. Developing ideas and strategies are not limited to one person. Different teams are made up of marketers, developers, engineers and product managers where they develop different strategies and implement the plans. This team or an organisation is known as growth hacking agency

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is the collection of methodologies to transform business using some marketing experiment. Growth hackers develop these out of the box strategies for the company and implement it for the company. Growth hacking includes advancing business plan, development and others. Growth hackers combine different strategies to attract more customers as well as increasing the revenue of the company & to get a better position in the market.

The true idea behind effective growth hacking is that choosing the right strategies at the right time. A proven framework of growth hacking needs to be followed for a better result. There are different types of proven strategies as well as new strategies are developed by growth hackers for developing a start-up. Some of the strategies are listed below:

Attracting Potential Customers:

Customers are the main client for any company. Customer purchase new products based on their requirement if they found the product interesting. After buying the products also, the customer gives response and review about the new product. Buyers tell other customers about the product also if they like the product.

Reviews about the product help the product to upgrade. The company always choose valuable customers to get details about the products. Different type of strategies exists to attract potential customers in the market. Some of them are listed below

Content Creation & Blogging:

It is very essential to convey that for whom the company has developed the product. The best way to find about the audience and the craft the right article by using an empathy map. This helps to know more about the audience thoughts, attitudes and feelings towards the product.

Once a customer is selected for the product, the company can produce content about the reviews and thoughts collected from the customers. The companies need to highlight the best points collected about the product. The blogs need to provide a unique & best solution to the customer in order to solve the problem.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting helps in getting additional customers from each article company post for improving awareness about the product and brand. It requires many hours of research, writing and proofreading. The main objective in guest posting is that adding value to the content and making some good or best contents.

Visualization and Infographics:

If pictures contain more valuable information about the product; then it is become very easy to get information. Infographics are based on visualization techniques. This technique includes choosing a valuable topic for the reader. Different market research techniques are used to monitor the trends. Finding useful information and key points about the product. After developing the infographics, it is needed to be shared.

Forum Marketing Techniques:

Forum marketing techniques help to attract new customers. Joining an authorized forum market will help to build the reputation of the company. Forums help in by answering questions of the customer and solving their problems.

Engaging Visitors:

When a new product is launched in the market, it is not necessary for the customer to buy new products at that first time. Among different growth hacking strategies email marketing approach is the most efficient way of engaging visitors. For enabling email marketing, first, the company needs to make the list of email of the user. The company needs to engage the customers by giving some offers or coupon cards to the customers.


Here the SMART specifies Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound. These goals help the user to know the exact requirement for the product. SMART goals include different techniques for attracting customers, knowing more about the product and collecting useful information about the product.

Use of Growth Hacking Tools:

Using the only traditional method of strategy is not enough for a company. Different type of growth hacking tools available in order to grow the start-up. Growth hacking tools cover the different areas by feedback & market insight, traffic growth, user experience, low-cost marketing and others. Some of the growth hacking tools that are used by the start-ups are LeadCrunch, MailChimp, HotJar, CrazyEgg and others. Use of these growth hacking tools helps the growth hackers know about different strategies.

There are also different other strategies that exist in developing and putting a strong nib for the economical development of the company. All these strategies are used by Growth Marketing Agency.
Following proper growth hacking strategies will lead the start-up to grow even in the market and the product from the company can be recognized in the market and loved by the customers.

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